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New York's Bottle Bill

Returnable Container Act (RCA)

A consumer redeeming his empty beverage containers in a reverse vending machine

The Success of New York's Bottle Bill

The New York State Returnable Container Act, also known as the "Bottle Bill", has been a tremendous success. Since its passage, the Bottle Bill has achieved significant impacts to create a cleaner and healthier New York. The Bottle Bill:

  • reduces roadside container litter by 70 percent and
  • in 2016 helped to recycle 5.1 billion plastic, glass and aluminum beverage containers totaling more than 336,000 tons; at no cost to local governments.

A summary of the amendments is available on the 2013 Amendments to New York State's Bottle Bill webpage, and includes important information about new requirements for deposit initiators, dealers, redemption centers, and redeemers.

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