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DMR Manual for Submitting and Completing the Discharge Monitoring Report

The DMR Manual is currently being revised to include changes and additions to the program since the last major revision in 2002. Included will be information pertaining to electronic submittal of DMRs using NetDMR.

The DMR Manual was developed to provide information and guidance regarding the completion and submittal of the Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) form (see the files listed in the right column of this page) required by the New York State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES). It is intended to complement, but not supersede, either the SPDES Permit or applicable SPDES Regulations (Parts 750-1 and 750-2) which are the legal documents to which the permittee will be held responsible. If there is a conflict between this guidance and either the SPDES permit or the applicable regulations, the permit or regulations will supersede the guidance.

NetDMR Information

In 2014 the Department began the transition from the submittal of paper only DMRs to an electronic DMR system known as NetDMR. NetDMR is a web-based tool that allows SPDES permittees to electronically sign and submit DMRs directly to EPA and DEC. NetDMR is designed to reduce the burden on EPA, DEC, and the regulated community; improve data quality; provide significant cost savings; and expand the ability of both DEC and EPA in targeting their limited resources to meet environmental goals.

In order to access NetDMR to sign and submit DMRs electronically, permittees must create a CDX account and sign up for NetDMR:

To get started using NetDMR to electronically submit DMRs to DEC and EPA, continue to the NetDMR Introduction web page to learn more.

Part 750 Regulations (links leave DEC website):

750-01 Obtaining A SPDES Permit

750-02 Operating With A SPDES Permit

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