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New York's Acid Deposition Monitoring Network

At the end of 2012, the Department discontinued the existing acid rain monitoring program and transitioned six monitoring locations to the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP). The old acid deposition program was established in response to the State Acid Deposition Control Act (SADCA) in 1985. This program was designed to provide measurements of acid deposition and related quantities necessary to assess the effectiveness of sulfur control policy and other strategies aimed at reducing the effects of acid rain. The monitoring program has documented environmental improvements resulting from NOx and SOx control strategies. For example, the deposition of sulfate statewide has decreased by more than 75% since the monitoring program began and the concentrations of acidic pollutants continue to decline. The SADCA established an environmental threshold value of 20 kg/ha for sulfate deposition, and currently all monitoring sites in New York are well below that threshold.

Map of the NADP sites that are operated by DEC and other participating NYS partners
NADP sites operated by DEC as well as
other collaborating partners in NYS
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The transition to the NADP program has resulted in savings to DEC, provided data for use in regulation development, and allowed for the comparison of data from New York with other acid sensitive regions across the country. Additionally, because the NADP program provides a uniform operational framework, the data from existing NADP sites within New York and in neighboring states can be utilized in the analysis of deposition in New York.

The NADP program uses Ion Chromatography (IC), Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) and Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) to determine the concentrations of free acidity (H+ as pH), conductance, bromide (Br-), calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+), sodium (Na+ ), potassium (K+ ), sulfate (SO42-), nitrate (NO3- ), chloride (Cl- ), and ammonium (NH4+). The data and reports from this program from the seven DEC sites as well as other sites in New York and in the United States can be obtained from the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (see "Links Leaving DEC's Website").

The DEC monitoring locations that were converted to the NADP in January 2013:

NY06 Bronx
NY28 Piseco Lake
NY43 Rochester
NY92 Amherst
NY93 Paul Smith's College
NY94 Nick's Lake

The other NADP or NADP/AIRMoN sites currently operating in New York but sponsored by other organizations:

NY01 Alfred
NY08 Aurora Research Farm
NY10 Chautauqua
NY20 Huntington Wildlife
NY22 Akwesasne Mohawk-Fort Covington
NY52 Bennett Bridge
NY67 Ithaca (AIRMoN)
NY68 Biscuit Brook
NY96 Cedar Beach, Southold
NY98 Whiteface Mountain
NY99 West Point
NY59 Wanakena

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