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Peace Bridge Special Study

In addition to operating and maintaining the statewide air quality network, the Division of Air Resources supplies technical and other support to short-term special studies where staff time and funding permit.

In 2014, DEC and local community groups began a special study to determine whether the levels of air pollutants from motor vehicles were a public health concern in the residential neighborhood near the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, New York. Air monitoring was conducted in two phases for over a year to collect data to understand changes in pollutant concentrations during traffic congestion and from season-to-season.

An important aspect of the Study was the collection of data on ultrafine particles. Since there is no federal air quality standard for ultrafine particles, the results from this Study were sent to EPA for consideration in the development of a federal air quality standard.

When the Study was complete, a final report was released in September 2016. DEC also held three meetings at the Region 9 office prior to the completion of the study. The final report, a report summary, a presentation that provides an overview of the report, and other materials are available as downloadable PDFs.

Peace Bridge study - Phase 1 Report (English) September 2013

Peace Bridge study - Phase 1 Report (Spanish) September 2013

NYSDEC Letter to EPA July 2014

EPA Response to Letter October 2014

Peace Bridge study - 1st Data Review Meeting January 2015

Peace Bridge study - 2nd Data Review Meeting May 2015

Peace Bridge study - 3rd Data Review Meeting September 2015

Peace Bridge study - Final Report Presentation September 2016

Peace Bridge study - Final Report September 2016

How can I access the data?

Validated hourly data, in Excel format, for the period August 2014 through September 2015 are available upon request. For more information, contact:

Dirk Felton or Randi Walker
(518) 402-8508

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