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Local Solid Waste Management Plan (LSWMP) Biennial Update


The implementation of an LSWMP is an ongoing process, so it is expected that adjustments will need to be made along the way. A Biennial Update provides planning units with an opportunity to review the progress made towards implementing their LSWMP and to revise areas for improvement, needs for expansion, and system inefficiencies. If the planning unit is not making progress in a certain area, these components of the plan need to be reevaluated and appropriate adjustments made to the implementation schedule and projections as necessary in order to accurately depict the goals of the LSWMP and to meet the existing solid waste management needs.

Once the LSWMP is approved, the Biennial Update must be submitted to the DEC every two years no later than May 1st, to Further information on the contents of this report can be found in 6 NYCRR Part 366-5 (leaves DEC's website).

Biennial Update Contents

The biennial update should consist of four main sections and include the following information:

Section Must Include:
Summary Report Any changes to the structure of the planning unit.
Actual waste generation, recycling, and disposal data, comparisons with projection, and reasons for any deviations from projections.
A discussion of any changes to solid waste management practices.
A summary of outreach and education activities.
A description of efforts to comply with local recycling laws.
Any obstacles that have prevented the planning unit from implementing tasks or achieving the goals of the LSWMP.
The status of adherence to the implementation schedule and discussion of the reasons for any deviations.
Waste and Recyclables Data Names and locations of all known facilities that accepted waste or recyclables from the planning unit during the relevant two years.
For each facility, the quantity and type of waste and recyclables sent to the facility. The type of waste must include known MSW, C&D debris, industrial waste, and biosolids streams. Recyclables for recovery must include separate categories for various paper components, glass, metal, plastics, textiles, organics, etc.
LSWMP Section Updates Updated versions of any parts of the LSWMP where significant changes have been made over the prior two years. If no major changes have occurred, indicate that no sections required updating over the two-year timeframe.
Revised Implementation Schedule and Waste Projections Revisions to the implementation schedule and waste stream projections (chapter 6 and chapter 7 of the LSWMP) for the remaining years of the planning period.

Optional LSWMP Planning Period Extension

A planning unit has the option to add an additional two years to their planning period and extend the approval of their LSWMP expiration date by two years. There are a maximum of five two-year extensions allowed, before another public comment period is required. This can be done through the submittal of the Biennial Update, every two years. The planning period extension request must include all information identified in Sections 366-2.5(b) and (c), 366-2.6 and 366-2.7. The extension request must be submitted for review and approval to the Department. Further information on these procedures can be found in 6 NYCRR Part 366-5.2.

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