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Chapter 3. Existing Solid Waste Management System

An LSWMP must include a description of the solid waste management facilities and programs which serve the planning unit (including those located within and outside the planning unit) including:


  • An identification and description of all known facilities including:
    • Location
    • Size and capacity
    • Type and amount of solid waste originating within the planning unit managed at each facility
    • The source of the data must be identified
  • An identification of facilities located in the planning unit that receive solid waste from outside the planning unit including
    • Type and amount of waste received from outside the planning unit
    • The planning unit(s) from which it originated
    • Ownership type (i.e., public, private, or and identified public-private partnership)
  • An identification and description of all known agricultural operations managing any organic components of MSW
  • A summary of any data gaps and information needs


  • A detailed description and summary of the following programs (include material type and generating sector):
    • Waste reduction, reuse, and recycling, including but not limited to:
      • Recyclables collection and processing
      • Organics recovery
      • Public outreach and education
      • Efforts to enforce local disposal and recycling laws
      • Volume-based pricing incentives or other financial incentives used
      • Recycling market agreements
      • Local hauler licensing, if applicable
      • Recycling data collection efforts
  • A summary of any data gaps and information needs

Chapter 4. Existing Administrative and Financial Structure

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