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Electronic Waste Recycling

Attention: NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act Regulated Entities. Annual reporting forms for the 2022 program year and revised registration forms are now available in the E-waste Online Registration and Reporting System. Annual reports are required to be submitted by March 1, 2023.

NYS consumers are required to recycle many electronic waste items, such as computers, computer peripherals, televisions, small scale servers, and small electronic equipment, etc., in an environmentally responsible manner.

The NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act (Environmental Conservation Law, Article 27, Title 26) requires manufacturers to provide free and convenient recycling of electronic waste to most consumers in the state. Consumers eligible for free and convenient recycling include individuals, for-profit businesses, corporations with less than 50 full time employees, not-for-profit corporations with less than 75 full time employees, not-for-profit corporations designated under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code, schools, or governmental entities located in NYS. For-profit businesses with 50 or more full time employees and not-for-profit corporations with 75 or more full time employees may be charged.

The separate NYS Wireless Telephone Recycling Act (Environmental Conservation Law, Article 27, Title 23*2) requires wireless telephone service suppliers that offer wireless phones for sale, to provide for the free reuse and recycling of up to 10 cell phones from any person or provide for the free shipping of those phones to a recycling program.

How to Recycle Electronic Waste:

  • Consumers
    Learn how to easily recycle electronic waste for free in NYS and comply with the disposal ban.

Requirements for the Act's Regulated Entities:

  • Manufacturers of Covered Electronic Equipment
    Manufacturers include those who assemble, manufacture, import, and/or own a brand name of CEE that is offered for sale in NYS.
  • Collectives
    Collective electronic waste acceptance programs, or collectives, represent manufacturers, for the purpose of satisfying their electronic waste acceptance program requirements.
  • Collection Sites
    Electronic waste collection sites include fixed or temporary sites (both private and municipal) at which electronic waste is collected from consumers and temporarily stored.
  • Out-of-State Collectors
    Electronic waste collectors receive electronic waste from consumers, either through mail back or other means, but are not an in-state registered as an electronic waste collection site, consolidation facility, or recycling facility.
  • Consolidation Facilities
    Electronic waste consolidation facilities organize, categorize and/or consolidate electronic waste before it is transported to a recycling facility.
  • Recycling Facilities
    Electronic waste recycling facilities separate, dismantle or process the materials, components or commodities contained in electronic waste, and prepare them for use or reuse in new products.
  • Retailers
    Retailers sell CEE to consumers in the state through any means, including, but not limited to retail stores, mail, catalogs, the telephone or the internet. Information for retailers operating as wireless telephone service suppliers is also available through this page.
  • Solid/Hazardous Waste Facilities and Haulers/Transporters
    Requirements for solid and hazardous waste facilities and for persons engaged in the collection of waste for delivery to such facilities.

E-waste Rulemaking

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation filed a Notice of Adoption with the New York State Department of State on February 8, 2022, to repeal and replace 6 NYCRR Part 368. The rule develops new regulations for the existing Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act, among other actions. The Notice of Adoption is available in the February 23, 2022, issue of the State Register. The rulemaking documents, including the Assessment of Public Comment are available on the Department's website.

For subpart 368-3, existing registered entities have until January 1, 2023 to comply with any new requirements. The above guidance pages for all regulated entities have been modified to reflect subpart 368-3.

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