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Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) Format Information for Electronic Data Providers

Please note: Some of the links below take you to the EarthSoft® website where the format files are stored. This is to assure access to the most current copy of these files.

This site provides guidance and links for reporting environmental data electronically to the DEC. The DEC has implemented an Environmental Information Management System (EIMS). The EIMS uses the database software application EQuISTM (EQuIS) from EarthSoft® Inc. (EarthSoft).

DEC's Division of Environmental Remediation (DER), and the Division of Materials Management (DMM) (formerly Solid and Hazardous Materials) require certain types of data to be submitted electronically. DER and DMM have adopted a standardized electronic data deliverable (EDD) format that is required for all data submitted. Data must be formatted to meet the guidelines specified by DEC.

Data providers are responsible for submitting a complete data package. A lab or other subcontractor should provide their data to the primary consultant, who must ensure the supporting tables (such as sample location coordinates) are complete.

Recently NYSDEC has upgraded the EDD format to Version 4. Please see the attached slide show for information on the recent changes to the EDD format included in Version 4.

Follow the steps and links below to submit data in the EDD format:

Step 1: Initial Setup

Download the following files to prepare the data submission to produce a properly formatted EDD. User Manuals are available to provide detailed instructions on data preparation as well as identification of data fields that DEC requires for data submittals.

  • The EDD Quickstart Guide (PDF) - October 2018 (6 page, 264 KB) provides concise steps for preparing the EDD. The user guide (below) is more detailed and provides additional information.
  • The Electronic Data Deliverable Manual (PDF) - November 2018 (215 page, 3.3 MB). This document details the steps and procedures to prepare an EDD and contains table and field header definitions. Note: The EDD manual will continue to be updated, please check back for newer versions.
  • NYSDEC format files are templates in Microsoft Excel that are used to prepare the data submittal in the EDD format. Download the template appropriate to the type of data to be submitted.
  • The Valid Value files are tables in Microsoft Excel that provide data for a number of the fields that make up the EDD format. If there is no appropriate value on the list of valid values you can request that it be added by sending an email to the DEC EIMS Administrator Please include your name and your company contact information, the name of the valid value reference list, the new value needed and any other information that you deem helpful.
  • To request new valid values, please use the Valid Values Request Template (Excel format). Complete the appropriate blank reference table with your newly proposed valid values and email the Excel workbook to for review and approval. A notification containing an acceptance or rejection of your valid value request will be emailed back. An updated .RVF file will be posted for all Data Providers to use.
  • Also available, The SVI Data Form, DEC offers a writable form (PDF) (983 KB) for collecting information and data for soil vapor intrusion investigations. The SVI form is also included as Appendix C of the EDD manual. Information and data entered on the form can be saved as a PDF document, exported and saved in .xml, or exported to a web service to be transcribed into an EDD and returned to you.

Step 2: Check your EDD

Data providers must download and install the EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) to check their properly NYSDEC DER EDD formatted file. EDP's software was created by EarthSoft and you will be redirected to their site to download the EDP and NYSDEC EDD format file. NYSDEC's EDP Quickstart Guide (PDF) - October 2018 (12 page, 954 KB) is available to guide you through the installation of EDP.

EDP performs a series of formatting checks on the EDD and identifies a select group of errors in the data file prior to submission. Recent Version 4 EDD format changes have incorporated most of the checks that data providers were completing manually formerly contained in the Final Checklist for Submission of EDDs (PDF) (1.3 MB) to DEC. This should streamline the process of preparing, reviewing, and finalizing EDD submissions to NYSDEC now that these error checks are part of the EDD format files.

You will need to register the EDP software with EarthSoft (this is free), instructions on this are located in the EDP Quickstart Guide (PDF). You will typically receive an email within 2 business days from the NYSDEC EIMS Administrator confirming the software registration and providing a user login id and password to submit the checked EDD. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 2 days, please do not attempt to reregister, contact the NYSDEC EIMS Administrator at

The valid values used by EIMS are periodically updated for the EDP; therefore, it is important to use the most recent version of the EDP and NYSDEC format file. The DEC website in conjunction with the EarthSoft website will have the most up-to-date EDP and format file. Please periodically check this website to verify that you are using the most current version of the EDP and format file. For further information covering the functions of the EDP program, please refer to EarthSoft's online Standalone EDP documentation.

Step 3: Submit your EDD

When the EDD has cleared the EDP checker, select the Sign and Submit option in the EDP software, and use the DEC user id and password to produce a properly named and formatted .ZIP file. If the submission package is less than 25 MB in size, email the zipped file to or if the file is larger than 25 MB it should be submitted via USB flash drive or secure ftp site to .

Additional Guidance Information:

Additional guidance will be provided on this webpage as it becomes available. In addition, you can join the EarthSoft Community Center for announcements, training opportunities, and access to EQuIS forums and online documentation. Updates to the NYSDEC format will be posted on the community center and you can subscribe to receive email notifications when updates are posted for the NYSDEC format files and Valid Values files.