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Plastic Bag and Film Plastics Recycling for Retailers

What Stores Are Required to Comply?

Effective January 1, 2009, the law, requires stores with 10,000 square feet or more of retail space and chains which operate five or more stores with greater than 5,000 square feet of retail space, and which provide plastic carryout bags to its customers as a result of a product sale, to:

  • Establish an at-store film plastic recycling program. Stores must make collection bins for plastic bag recycling available to customers in a visible, easily accessible location. NOTE: There are slightly different requirements pertaining to enclosed malls which differ from free-standing stores and strip malls.
  • Ensure that collected film plastics are actually recycled. Stores are required to recycle the film plastic collected and are prohibited from disposing of the collected plastics as solid waste.
  • Label all plastic bags. Any bags distributed in affected stores must state "Please Return to a Participating Store for Recycling" or a similar message approved by the DEC. The message required pursuant to New York City Local Law 1 of 2008 related to plastic carryout bag recycling is an acceptable message which stores may use without seeking specific approval from DEC.
  • Keep records on their program. Stores, or their agents, are required to maintain records describing the collection, transport and recycling of film plastics for at least three years. The records must include the weight of plastics collected and their ultimate disposition (e.g., where they were recycled).
  • Sell reusable bags. Stores are required to allow the use of reusable shopping bags and make them available to their customers for purchase.

Labeling of Plastic Bags

All plastic carryout bags given to consumers must state: "PLEASE RETURN TO A PARTICIPATING STORE FOR RECYCLING." Also acceptable is "PLEASE REUSE OR RECYCLE AT A PARTICIPATING STORE." We highly recommend using at least ½ inch lettering.

Stores may apply to the Commissioner of DEC for an alternate recycling message.

How To Set Up A Film Plastic Recycling Program

Here are some simple steps to set up a successful plastic bag recycling program:

  • Place recycling bins near the front of the store. We highly recommend bin(s) be large enough to hold 15 gallons or more. A sign must be posted indicating the bin location if it isn't near the store entrance.
  • Signage near the recycling bin helps to deter consumers from putting trash in the bin.
  • Locate garbage cans in convenient locations for consumers to place their trash, so waste does not end up in the recycling bins.
  • Avoid recycling bins that resemble garbage cans.
  • Use transparent bins and transparent bags to enable better quality control.
  • In addition to posters at entrances, simple decals near bag stands and buttons on cashiers and baggers serve to inform customers that film plastics are recyclable at your store. Also consider a decal with recycling facts at the cashier stand.
  • Train Employees to ensure the success of at store recycling programs. Make sure employees are aware of the recycling protocol. Have them point out the availability of store recycling bins.

Where to Get Bins

Please Note: This vendor list is by no means complete or comprehensive. Inclusion of a service in this list does not constitute approval or endorsement of that company by the NYSDEC, or provide any assurances with regard to the quality of services provided. Their environmental compliance has not been authenticated. Please contact the vendor to find out all pertinent information including costs. More listings will be found by searching the web.

Here are several companies that have bins (links leave DEC's website):

Windsor Barrel Company

Recycle Clear

The Fibrex Group

Empire Container Corporation

Here is a company that has a collection program for small quantity retail stores:

North Shore Recycled Fibers

Market Information

Looking for recyclers/haulers who pick up film plastic? Try Plastic film Recycling.Org (link leaves DEC website.)

Local recycling coordinators may also be able to assist in the recycling of plastic bags. Find a list of recycling coordinators here.

Reporting Requirements

The store will need to maintain records for a minimum of three years describing the collection, transportation, and recycling of plastic bags collected by weight. These records shall be made available to the DEC upon request.

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