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Public Record of Underground Storage Tanks

Federal law (Subsection (c) of Section 1526 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005) requires that states maintain, update, and make available to the public a record of information regarding certain underground storage tanks (USTs). New York State's Public Record of USTs includes the number of facilities with regulated USTs, the number of UST facilities inspected during the reporting period, and the percent of those facilities that were found to be in significant compliance. This information is based on USTs regulated under 40 C.F.R. Part 280.12. If you would like additional information on a specific UST facility, please review the Environmental Site Database Search on this website or contact the Regional Office where the facility is located.

Summary Information for UST Facilities

Total Number of UST Facilities: 7,815*

Total Number of Active USTs: 21,872*

* Includes an estimate of the number of facilities and active USTs located in Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties where the program is implemented by the county rather than New York State.

Summary Information for On-Site Inspections

Number of UST Facilities Inspected: 2,440

Inspection Period Dates: 04/01/22 to 03/31/23

Percent of Facilities in "Significant Operational Compliance": 71.7%

Notes: Tank, facility, and on-site inspection information is based on underground tanks that are regulated under 40 CFR Part 280. On-site inspections measure compliance with the significant operational compliance (SOC) measure. More information on SOC can be found on the EPA website link on the right.

Posted 04/07/2023