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Air Program Forms and Instructions

Forms are available below as downloadable PDFs, unless otherwise indicated.

Facility Registrations

For sources eligible to register under 6 NYCRR Part 201-4 (leaves DEC website)

Facility Permits (State and Title V)

ACE E-Reporting webpage - electronic reporting for Title V facilities (compliance reporting and emissions inventory)

Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs)

Completed forms and any required supporting documentation should be mailed to the appropriate Regional DEC office.

Part 203 Oil and Natural Gas Sector

  • One-time baseline report (Subpart 203-10.1) - "Owners or operators of components or processes subject to this Subpart must submit a report to the Department by March 31, 2023 or by March 31st of the year following initiation of operation."
  • Blowdown report (Subpart 203-4.5) - Reporting of blowdown activity at compressor stations and transmission pipelines greater than ten thousand (10,000) standard feet cubed (scf).

Part 242 CO2 Budget Trading Program

Part 248 Use of ULSD Fuel and BART for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Regulated entities (state agencies and public authorities), subject to 6 NYCRR Part 248 (leaves DEC website), must meet annual reporting requirements on HDVs.

Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT)

Fleet owners required to report under the Advanced Clean Trucks Rule (ACT) must submit fleet information by April 1, 2023 to

Miscellaneous Forms

Additional Resources