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List of Amalgam Separator Manufacturers

Appropriate Certifications/Test Reports Submitted to DEC
Manufacturer and/or Distributor Separator Model Certification Body Maximum Flow Rate* to Achieve 99% Efficiency (see flow rate below) Comments
A B Dental Trends, Inc.
211 Grover Street
Lynden, WA 98264
Rasch 890 SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (available online)
Expires after October 19, 2017
4 L/min Three Versions: 890-1500 In-Line version, 890-7000 portable version and 890-6000 dry pump outlet system. Includes return shipping and recycling.
Air Techniques, Inc
295 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY 11747
800-AIRTECH (247-8324)
Acadia Amalgam Separator TUV Nord CERT GmbH Langemarckstrasse-Essen 1 L/min No additional electricity, wires or plumbing required. Services up to 10 operatories.
American Dental Accessories, Inc.
7310 Oxford St.
Minneapolis, MN 55426
Eco II
ISO 11143 Certified 1 L/min
1 L/min
1 L/min
AS-9 11": accommodates a single operatory
AS-9 23" accommodates 4 operatories
Hg5: accommodates 10 operatories
Eco II accommodates 12 operatories.
Capsule Technologies Inc.
3965 Meadowbrook Road
Saint Louis Park, MN 55426
Phone: 1-952-933-4147
Fax: 1-952-933-2696
Asdex AS-9 TUV Nord CERT GmbH Langemarckstrasse - Essen 1 L/min This unit is suitable for chairside, portable, mobile, and central vacuum systems. Vacuum line capability must be present for this unit.
Crosstex International, Inc.
(A Cantel Medical Company)
10 Ranick Road
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Phone: 631-257-1046

Syclone Amalgam Separator System

Syclone Replacement Canister
ISO 11143 Certified

ISO 11143 Certified
1 L/min

1 L/min

M.A.R.S Bio-Med Processes, Inc.
1051 Clinton St.
Buffalo, NY 14206
Toll Free: 1-866-594-3648
Fax: 716-852-0136
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LibertyBOSS ISO 11143 Certified @ 99.9% 99.9% @ 750ml/min to 98.5% @ 1L/min
ISO does not test for soluble mercury. When soluble mercury is included the LibertyBOSS can achieve efficiencies as low as 2 to 6 ppb, levels well beyond the 99% levels of solid mercury only.
Soluble mercury is created when non-neutral pH line cleaners are used. To achieve peak separator efficiency MARS recommended cleaner must be used daily.
AmalgamBOSS can service 1 to 3 chairs for 3 years, 4 to 9 chairs for 2 years and 10-15 chairs for 1 year.
Proven to capture soluble mercury. Proven in independent testing to capture more mercury than other separators.
Medentex LLC
181 E. Halsey Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Amalsed® direct ISO 11143 Certified
Amalsed® direct S - up to 3L/min
Amalsed® direct L - up to 6L/min
Amalsed® direct kits come in a wet and dry version to retrofit into any existing vacuum systems and layout, while only needing to be changed once per year for $299 per cartridge.
Pure Water Development L.L.C.
5001 S.W. 74th Court
Suite 206
Miami, FL 33155
ECO II TUV Nord CERT GmbH Langemarckstrasse - Essen 1 L/min Good for both wet and dry vacuum systems. The system is container exchange once a year; amalgam recycling is included with the manufacturer.
R & D Services, Inc.
8120 Green Lake Dr. N.
Seattle, WA 98103
CE (Central) CH (Chairside) TUV RheinlandProdukt und Umwelt GmbH 1 L/min Waste Water Capacity:
CH12 - 1 gallon (1 operatories)
CE18 - 2 gallons (2-5 operatories)
CE24 - 4 gallons (6-12 operatories)
SolmeteX, LLC
50 Bearfoot Road - Suite 2
Northborough, MA 01532-1553
Intertek Testing Services NA Inc. Hg5 Mini - 500ml/min
Hg5 - 1L/min
Hg5 Mini: accommodates up to 4 operatories
Hg5: accommodates up to 10 operatories

* Flow rate is important when deciding on the appropriate amalgam separator for your office. Flow rate is addressed in Question 11 (Is flow rate important for an amalgam separator?) on the "Recycling of Mercury By Dentists FAQ" webpage.

** Dental facility must decant the liquid in the canister(s). Canister(s) may be reused or replaced. If a dental facility chooses to reuse the canister and empties the waste sludge from the canister into a collection container, the waste sludge MUST NOT be stored at the dental facility for more than one year from the date the sludge was placed in the collection container. If the dental facility replaces a used canister with a new canister, the used canister is no longer considered part of the separator equipment system and is subject to the one year storage limitation requirement. A canister which is NOT removed from the separator equipment system is considered a part of the system and does NOT fall under the one year storage limitation requirement.


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