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Aquatic Pesticide Purchase Permit

Permit Requirements

An aquatic pesticide purchase permit will allow for the purchase and use of a restricted-use aquatic pesticide on your own property.

You are not eligible for a purchase permit if the body of water to be treated:

  • has an outflow to other surface waters; or
  • is greater than one surface acre in size; or
  • has multiple shoreline property owners.

Water bodies that do not meet the criteria for a purchase permit may be eligible to be treated by a Certified Pesticide Applicator under an Aquatic Pesticide Permit pursuant to Article 15-0313.4 of the Environmental Conservation Law. Contact your DEC Regional office if you have questions about your particular situation.

Permits are normally issued for one year. However, some products (such as copper sulfate) are packaged in sizes in excess of the amount that can be used in one year. An aquatic pesticide purchase permit may be issued to allow the use of these products, in accordance with label directions, for a period of several years. There is no fee to obtain an aquatic pesticide purchase permit.

Permit Application

Submit one application (PDF, 196 KB) for each pesticide product requested. The application form can be completed while online, then printed; or can be printed as a blank form and completed by hand. Next, determine the DEC Regional office serving the county where the waterbody is located, and mail the completed application to that office for processing. E-mailed applications will not be accepted.

The questions on the permit application help to ensure your understanding of pesticide usage.The applicant must know how to:

  • read and understand a pesticide label;
  • use the label required personal protective equipment;
  • calibrate pesticide application equipment;
  • mix and apply the pesticide as directed by the label; and
  • properly dispose of pesticide containers.

Applicants are subject to inspection by the DEC to make sure that the terms of this permit and the pesticide label are complied with.