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Business/Agency Pesticide Information

The New York State Pesticide Administration Database (NYSPAD) portal allows users to search and view information regarding many areas of data collected by NYSDEC's Bureau of Pesticides Management, such as: pesticide products, business/agency registration, applicators/technicians, training courses and certification/recertification exams. Click the icon below to search the NYSPAD database.


Each business location offering, advertising or providing the services of commercial application of pesticides either entirely or as part of the business, and each agency that applies pesticides, must also register with the Department. A commercial permit is required for the sale of restricted use pesticides in New York State. A definition of agency and other business registration requirements are contained in 6 NYCRR Part 325 (link leaves DEC's website) and the commercial permit requirements can be found in 6 NYCRR Part 326. (link leaves DEC's website)

Business/Agency Registration:

Your pesticide business or agency cannot apply pesticides without a valid pesticide business or agency registration. Use either the Pesticide Business Registration Application (PDF, 161 KB) or Pesticide Agency Registration Application (PDF, 115 KB). Renewal applications should be received at least three weeks before your registration expires to avoid a lapse in registration.

Commercial Permits:

A Commercial Permit is required for the distribution, sale, offer for sale, purchase for the purpose of re-sale or possession for the purpose of resale of a restricted use pesticide. A Commercial Permit is required by all pesticide registrants and dealers who sell or ship restricted-use pesticides within or into New York State. A Commercial Permit is issued to a specific business. Dealers or registrants that conduct business under more than one name must obtain a Commercial Permit for each business name. A separate Commercial Permit is required for each location in New York State. Out-of-State dealers or registrants with no sales or distribution location in New York State need one Commercial Permit.

Any person who engages in the sale of a restricted use pesticide shall be certified by the Commissioner. Each business requiring a Commercial Permit must employ at least one applicator who is certified in New York State throughout the term of the Commercial Permit.

All Commercial Permit holders are required to file annual reports of:

  1. The sales of restricted use pesticide products and
  2. The sales of general use pesticide products to private applicators for use in agricultural crop production.

Download the Commercial Permit Application and Instructions (PDF, 91 KB). Renewal applications should be mailed at least 30 days before your Commercial Permit expires to avoid a lapse in the permit.

Restricted use pesticides can only be sold or distributed to Certified Applicators. Uncertified individuals cannot pickup restricted use pesticides on behalf of a Certified Applicator.

Contact the Department's Albany office at (518) 402-8748 for additional information regarding business registrations or commercial permits.

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