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Engineering Schematics for Erosion and Sediment Controls

Engineering Schematics

The following downloadable files are in DWG format. The engineering drawings are intended as drafts, do not accommodate site-specific conditions, and must be adapted to specify the engineering details according to individual designs. The title block of all the final plans must be certified by the person who is responsible for preparing the plan and the design of the stormwater management practice.

Anti Seep Collar

Anti Seep Collar Design

Armored Streambank Protection Methods

Branch Packing

Brush Layer

Brush Mattress

Buffer Filter Strip

Channel Stabilization Methods

Compost Filter Sock

Construction Ditch

Design Data For Earth Spillways

Dewatering Sump Pit


Earth Dike

Excavated Drop Inlet Protection

Fiber Roll

Filter Fabric Drop Inlet Protection

Flow Diffuser Design Example

Flow Diffuser

Flow Spreader

Grassed Waterway


Landgrading Specifications

Live Cribwall

Live Cuttings Live Stakes Planting

Live Cuttings/Live Stakes Planting Specifications

Live Fascine

Optional Sediment Trap Dewatering Devices

Outlet Structure Examples

Paved Flume

Perimeter Dike or Swale

Pipe Outlet Sediment Trap StI

Pipe Outlet Sediment Trap StI Specifications

Pipe Slope Drain

Pipe Spillway Design

Portable Sediment Tank

Reinforced Silt Fence

Rip Rap Outlet Protection 1

Rip Rap Outlet Protection 2

Rip Rap Outlet Protection 3

Riprap Streambank Protection Details

Rip Rap Channel Stabilization Details

Riser Base Detail Sediment Basin

Riser Pipe Dewatering Device

Rock Dam

Sediment Basin Details

Sediment Dike

Segmented Retaining Wall

Serrated Cut Slope Section

Silt Fence

Stabilized Construction Access

Stone & Block Drop Inlet Protection Structure

Stone Check Dam

Stone Outlet Sediment Trap StII

Straw Bale Dike

Surface Roughening Details

Temporary Access Bridge

Temporary Access Culvert

Tree Revetment

Turbidity Curtain

Vegetated Rock Gabions

Water Bar

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