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Summaries of Bulk Storage Regulations

Bulk Storage Information Note: This information is intended to provide facility/tank owners and operators answers to commonly asked questions. Facility/tank owners should obtain a copy of the New York State bulk storage regulations from their local DEC Regional Office or view/download the bulk storage regulations (PDF, 106 pages, 498 KB) and read them carefully and in their entirety. Facility/tank owners are responsible for complying with all of the New York State bulk storage regulations.

More about Summaries of Bulk Storage Regulations:

  • Regulation of Petroleum Tanks - The NY Legislature enacted Article 17, Title 10 of the Environmental Conservation Law, Control of the Bulk Storage of Petroleum, applies to underground and aboveground storage tanks and gives DEC authority to regulate such tanks.
  • Regulation Summary of Major Oil Storage Facilities - In 1977, the NY Legislature passed the Oil Spill Prevention, Control and Compensation Act (Article 12 of Navigation Law) to regulate all oil terminals and transport vessels operating in the waters of New York.
  • Federal Underground Tank Regulations - In 1984, Congress added Subtitle I to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act requiring the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate underground storage tanks (USTs). The goals of the law include: preventing leaks and spills; finding leaks and spills; correcting problems created by leaks and spills; ensuring that owners and operators are able to pay for spill cleanup; and developing and approving State regulatory programs for USTs. These federal regulations were most recently updated on July 15, 2015 and became effective on October 13, 2015.
  • Regulation Summary of Chemical Tanks - Article 37 of Environmental Conservation Law requires DEC to regulate all substances covered by the federal Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, the federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, and the federal Toxic Substances Control Act. DEC may also regulate other chemicals known to be hazardous.