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Assistance with Air Regulations for Small Businesses

The Division of Air Resources is responsible for implementing the federal Clean Air Act in New York State and develops and enforces air quality control programs for a wide range of mobile and stationary sources. Thousands of small businesses including automobile service stations and repair shops, wood and metal products finishing, apartment buildings (boilers), print shops, and dry cleaners are subject to the Clean Air Act and its permitting and pollution control requirements.

Since air quality regulations are complex and can be difficult to understand for small businesses without full time environmental staff, the State has established the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) provided by the Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) and the Small Business Environmental Ombudsman (SBEO) provided by Empire State Development (ESD). Both of these services are, by law, free and confidential. DEC encourages small businesses to utilize these services to obtain assistance to comply with New York State's air pollution control regulations.

There are many business sectors that can benefit from the assistance provided by both SBEAP and SBEO. SBEAP has publications in paper and on-line that can help answer small business questions about air regulations compliance. The list below includes the major business sectors; however, any small business with air-related questions qualifies for assistance.

  • Architectural coatings
  • Autobody shops
  • Boilers/furnaces/generators
  • Crematories and incinerators
  • Drycleaning - other methods, perc, petroleum
  • Electroplating - chromium
  • Gasoline Stations - Stage I and II
  • Graphic Arts - flexographic, lithographic
  • Metal degreasing
  • Plastic composites manufacturing
  • Sand & gravel operations
  • Surface coating - metal, wood

For more information, contact SBEAP or SBEO at their address provided below or select the appropriate link under "Links Leaving DEC's Website."

EFC Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP)

SBEAP's portion of the EFC website includes general information about the Clean Air Act, compliance information for business sectors, and many SBEAP publications in PDF format for easy downloading. A link to the SBEAP website as well as links to the following publications are available under "Links Leaving DEC's Website."

Harry Ching, Manager
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12207-2997

ESD Small Business Environmental Ombudsman (SBEO)

SBEO's portion of the ESD website includes a description of SBEO services, publications information, news and events, financial assistance programs information, and links to government and industry resources. A link to SBEO is available under "Links Leaving DEC's Website."

Small Business Environmental Ombudsman (SBEO)
Empire State Development
633 Third Avenue 32nd Floor
New York, NY 10017
(800) STATE NY (782-8369)