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Emission Guidelines for MSW Landfill Emissions

On November 21, 1998, the emission guidelines (EG) for municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills in New York State went into effect. These guidelines were modified on October 24, 2001 and again on September 4, 2019. These guidelines are required by 40 CFR 60 Subpart Cf and are incorporated by reference in 6 NYCRR Part 208 (Part 208). Part 208 applies to landfills that meet the following criteria:

  • accepted waste after November 8, 1987 and began construction, reconstruction or modification on or before July 17, 2014;
  • have a design capacity of 2.5 million megagrams (2.75 million tons) and 2.5 million cubic meters (3.3 million cubic yards); and
  • have a non-methane organic compound emission rate that meets or exceeds 34 megagrams per year (37 tons/year)

MSW landfills with a design capacity that meets or exceeds the criteria cited above must submit a non-methane organic compound (NMOC) emission report to DEC. If the NMOC emission rate meets or exceeds 34 megagrams per year (37 tons/year), a collection and control system must be installed at the landfill. The design for this system must be submitted within one year of the initial NMOC calculation and must be installed within 30 months after the initial NMOC calculation. The collection system must be designed to collect landfill gas from all areas of the landfill where MSW has been placed. The control system must reduce NMOC by 98% or reduce the outlet concentration of NMOC to less than 20 parts per million by volume (dry, as hexane at 3% oxygen or less). MSW landfills that meet or exceed the design capacity criteria cited above are subject to Title V permitting.

If you have questions regarding this regulation, contact the Bureau of Stationary Sources at (518) 402-8403.

The following is a list of landfills subject to the requirements in Part 208:

Region Name of Landfill
Region 1 Brookhaven Landfill & Recycling
Region 2 Fresh Kills LF
Region 4 Albany LF
Colonie LF
Region 5 Clinton Co. LF
Fulton Co. LF
Region 6 Ava LF
Region 7 Auburn Sanitary LF
Madison Co. LF
Nanticoke LF
Region 8 New Bath LF
Seneca Meadows
Region 9 Hyland LF
Modern LF
Chaffee LF