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Wireless Telephone Recycling Act

Consumer Wireless Telephone Recycling

The NYS Wireless Telephone Recycling Act (Environmental Conservation Law, Article 27, Title 23*2) requires wireless telephone service suppliers that offer wireless phones for sale, to provide for the free reuse and recycling of up to 10 cell phones from any person or provide for the free shipping of those phones to a recycling program.

Wireless Telephone Service Supplier Requirements

The NYS Wireless Telephone Recycling Act is applicable to all wireless service suppliers who engage in the retail sales of wireless cell phones, whether the sales are online, in their own stores, other stores, outlets or kiosks. Each wireless telephone service supplier engaged in the retail sale of wireless telephones is required to:

  1. accept, at no charge, up to 10 used wireless telephones from any person during the normal business hours of such business; or offer to any person at no charge, the shipping of used wireless telephones to a recycling program conducted by such business. Information about such a program shall be readily available at such business locations and on its website;
  2. conspicuously post a sign open to public view, clearly indicating that used wireless telephones are accepted or shipping is provided at no charge. Such signs may also state that used wireless telephones shall only be accepted during normal business hours, and may state such hours; and
  3. take reasonable steps to ensure each used wireless telephone accepted or shipped shall either be recycled, reused or disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.

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