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Chlorpyrifos Pesticide Registration Cancellations and Adopted Regulation

See the adopted Part 326 regulations which adds chlorpyrifos to the list of pesticides that are no longer allowed to be distributed, sold, purchased, possessed, or used for any purpose. This regulation went into effect July 31, 2021.

An Executive directive was issued for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to ban chlorpyrifos, an organophosphate pesticide, in December 2019 to safeguard public health and protect environmental resources. DEC has taken the following steps to implement that Executive directive.

Cancellation of Pesticide Registrations

On December 31, 2020, the New York State pesticide registrations were cancelled for 29 pesticide products containing chlorpyrifos in accordance with Environmental Conservation Law section 33-0713. The cancelled products had agricultural, turf, and indoor insect bait station uses. Agricultural products that allowed for applications to apple tree trunks were not cancelled on December 31, 2020, due to a critical need in the 2021 growing season.

The December 31, 2020, cancellations apply to the following products:

Cancelled on December 31, 2020
EPA Registration Number Product Name
499-367 Duraguard ME Microencapsulated Insecticide
499-419 Durashield CS Controlled Release Insecticide
499-405 Duraplex TR Total Release Insecticide
53883-251 Pyrofos 1.5 ULV Vector Control Insecticide
53883-264 Pyrofos CS
53883-331 Pyrofos 42 CS
53883-394 Pyrofos 42
53883-407 Pyrofos 20
62719-575 Cobalt
62719-34 Lorsban 15G Granular Insecticide
62719-221 Lorsban 50W In Water Soluble Packets
62719-72 Dursban 50W In Water Soluble Packets
62719-355 Dursban XP
62719-353 Lorsban F Insecticidal Chemical
4787-40 Chlorpyrifos Technical
4787-41 Nufos Technical
4787-62 Cheminova Chlorpyrifos Technical II
19713-505 Drexel Chlorpyrifos 15G
279-9545 Stallion Brand Insecticide
33658-26 Pilot 4E Chlorpyrifos Agricultural Insecticide
33658-27 Pilot 15G Chlorpyrifos Agricultural Insecticide
89168-24-89391 Vesper
34704-1086 Match-Up Insecticide
228-624 Nufarm Chlorpyrifos SPC 4 Insecticide
228-625 Nufarm Chlorpyrifos SPC 2 Insecticide
9198-167 Andersons Golf Products Insecticide III (Unrestricted)
1381-243 Agrisolutions Tundra Supreme
9688-67-8845 Hot Shot Maxattrax Roach Bait
9688-67-8845 Eliminator Roach Bait

The remaining 15 chlorpyrifos pesticide products that allow for applications to apple tree trunks remained registered for sale, use, and distribution in the state to fulfill the Executive directive to meet this critical need during the 2021 growing season.

The July 31, 2021, cancellations apply to the following products:

Cancelled on July 31, 2021
EPA Registration Number Product Name
19713-520 Drexel Chlorpyrifos 4E-AG Insecticide
19713-671 Drexel Lambdafos Insecticide
279-3581 Bolton Insecticide
34704-1077 Warhawk Clearform
34704-857 Warhawk
62719-220 Lorsban-4E
62719-220 Hatchet Insecticide
62719-220-1381 Agrisolutions Yuma 4E
62719-220-5905 Whirlwind
62719-301-10163 Lorsban 75WG
62719-591 Lorsban Advanced
62719-615 Cobalt Advanced
66222-19 Chlorpyrifos 4E AG
66222-19 Quali-Pro Chlorpyrifos 4E
66222-233 Vulcan

Cancelled products are considered unregistered and they may not be sold, offered for sale, distributed, or used in New York State.

Disposal or removal of existing stocks from New York

Products containing chlorpyrifos can no longer be sold, offered for sale, distributed, used, or transported in intrastate commerce within New York. This applies to existing stocks or products that may be in storage. Since these pesticides are unregistered, they may only be removed from the state or disposed of properly.

Individuals and businesses that still possess these unregistered products should explore all available options for removal or disposal. Pesticide distributors and manufacturers may be able to help determine the most appropriate and feasible options for their customers. These products may be removed from the state or disposed of (in state or out of state) through arrangements with the distributor or manufacturer who supplied them, through arrangements made directly with an appropriate disposal facility, or through arrangements with a distributor or business that will receive or transport them outside of New York. Pesticide applicators and businesses may also explore participation in a CleanSweepNY (leaves DEC's website) collection event. DEC is currently planning these collections.

Removal or disposal of these unregistered pesticides may involve distribution or transportation within the state, actions which are prohibited by regulation and statute due to their unregistered status. However, the Department issued an Enforcement Discretion for Distribution of Unregistered Products Containing Chlorpyrifos (PDF - 81 KB), which allows the temporary distribution of these products for removal or disposal purposes.

While arrangements are made for distribution or disposal, these products may be stored until February 1, 2022 or until the Enforcement Discretion for Distribution of Unregistered Products Containing Chlorpyrifos (PDF - 81 KB) is rescinded by the Department. Note that products that are considered restricted use pesticides may only be distributed by a New York State Restricted Pesticide Dealer.

If unregistered Hot Shot Maxattrax Roach Bait or Eliminator Roach Bait is from a household an option for disposal could be to participate in a Town, City, or County household hazardous waste collection program. The materials accepted at these types of events vary depending on the program. Read more information about household hazardous waste collection programs or visit your local government website. Hot Shot Maxattrax Roach Bait and Eliminator Roach Bait can continue to move through the channels of trade and be sold by retailers until May 31, 2021. The residential application of these products may continue until July 31, 2021, as described in the Department's enforcement discretion letter to United Industries (PDF - 232KB). However, the commercial application of these products by a commercial pesticide applicator is not allowed.

If you have any question regarding the chlorpyrifos cancellation process, please contact the Pesticide Product Registration Section at 518-402-8768 or For information associated with the proposed chlorpyrifos prohibition regulation, please contact the Pesticide Enforcement & Compliance Assurance Section at 518-402-8727 or

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