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NYS Postconsumer Paint Collection Program

The New York State Postconsumer Paint Collection Program began on May 1, 2022. For drop-off locations and the latest program information, please visit the PaintCare New York program page (leaves DEC website).

As of May 1, 2022, a producer or retailer shall not sell, or offer for sale, architectural paint to any person in the state unless the producer and the producer's brands are participating in the program by having registered with PaintCare. The following lists identify currently registered producers (PDF 77KB) and their brands (PDF 553 KB).

Photo of five used paint containers

On December 16, 2019, the Governor signed the Postconsumer Paint Collection Program (leaves DEC website) into law. This legislation expands the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) Article 27 by adding a new Title 20 requiring producers of architectural paint to implement a postconsumer paint collection and recycling program in accordance with a plan approved by the Department of Environmental Conservation (Department). "Architectural paint" includes interior and exterior architectural coatings sold in containers of five gallons or less including house paint and primers (latex or oil-based), stains, deck and concrete sealers, and clear finishes (e.g., varnishes, shellacs).

The new law requires architectural paint producers, who sell paint in or into New York State, to implement a postconsumer paint collection program, either individually or cooperatively with other producers. Producers, or their collective organization, were required to submit a postconsumer paint collection program plan to the Department by July 1, 2020. The postconsumer paint collection program will be funded by a small fee, "the PaintCare fee," incorporated into the price of covered products at the time of purchase. The PaintCare fee is not a tax.

PaintCare Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that represents paint producers in other states that have implemented similar programs, has submitted a draft plan on behalf of producers who sell architectural paint in New York State. A Department approved paint recycling program will provide consumers a simple and accessible means to properly dispose of leftover, unwanted paint, in an environmentally responsible manner. The Department granted a conditional approval (PDF 216 KB) to PaintCare on its revised postconsumer paint collection program plan submitted to the Department on December 1, 2021. PaintCare's New York Paint Stewardship Program Plan can be viewed here (PDF 11.4 MB).

PaintCare Inc. held informational webinars in November 2021 for Household Hazardous Waste Collection Programs and Service Providers. The webinars can be found on the PaintCare website (leaves DEC website).

In March 2021, DEC issued an enforcement discretion letter regarding conditionally exempt small quantity generator provisions (PDF 542 KB). This letter addresses authorized destination facilities and regulatory flexibility for collection of postconsumer paint.

The Postconsumer Paint Collection Program will affect the following groups:

Consumers - Consumers will have access to convenient postconsumer paint drop-off sites for the collection, reuse and recycling of architectural paint. The program is funded through the payment of a minimal fee at the time of purchase of new paint.

Retailers - Retailers of architectural paint will only be able to offer for sale architectural paint products and brands belonging to those producers who are registered with the program. Retailers of architectural paint will be given the opportunity to voluntarily participate as a waste paint drop-off site.

Municipalities - Local municipalities, by participating as waste paint drop-off sites, will benefit from the postconsumer paint collection program since costs associated with the management of waste paint that ends up in the municipal waste streams will be covered by PaintCare.

Producers - Upon program implementation, producers will be prohibited from selling or offering for sale, architectural paint in the state unless the producer and their brands are registered with the Department as participating in a postconsumer paint collection program approved by the Department.

This page will be updated periodically to reflect additional details regarding the new postconsumer paint collection program.