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High Acres Landfill

High Acres Landfill is a privately-owned landfill, a division of Waste Management of New York, LLC. Established in 1971, it is located on approximately 1,000 acres on the eastern edge of Monroe County in the town of Perinton and crosses over the western border of Wayne County in the town of Macedon.

Aerial view of High Acres Landfill taken by drone Spring 2018
High Acres Landfill - Spring 2018

DEC is committed to addressing any problem of odors originating from the Waste Management (WM) High Acres Landfill and issued a Notice of Violation (NOV) (PDF, 212 KB) to WM on February 2, 2018 requiring them to take several actions to address odors at the facility.

The following documents have been prepared that provide a summary of activities to date, including DEC updates regarding actions taken under the NOV and DEC direction to WM about future activity. We will continue to keep the community updated on our actions:

Additional information can be found on the Town of Perinton website.

Annotated Aerial taken June 2017
Annotated Aerial of High Acres Landfill

DEC's Odor Reporting Hotline - (585) 453-2416

We strongly encourage residents to call the Hotline should they experience a significant odor event related to the landfill. This will alert WM that there is a concern in the neighborhood and allow them the opportunity to examine and address any problem at the facility. In addition, using the Hotline will create a record of the complaints, to which DEC has access and can respond if warranted.

DEC's Citizen Odor Log

In addition to the Hotline, DEC is providing a Citizen Odor Log (PDF, 165 KB) which will allow a resident to memorialize an odor event in real time. The logs can be submitted to DEC whenever a resident chooses to do so.

DEC remains committed to fully addressing concerns regarding the landfill. The work required by DEC of WM to mitigate the problems with gas collection at the landfill has resulted in a dramatic decline in the number of calls to the Hotline as well as a narrowing of the geographic distribution of the location of residents expressing a concern. However, DEC remains diligent in working with the company, as well as the Towns of Perinton and Macedon, to ensure that future operations do not create a repeat of the events that led to the problem.

We wish to thank the residents who have provided valuable information to DEC in this effort, as well as the leadership of both Towns for their cooperation and assistance.