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Special Pesticides Initiatives in NY

DEC has undertaken a number of special initiatives to protect pollinators, Long Island groundwater, and the environment from inappropriate pesticide storage, use and disposal. In addition, DEC encourages the public to pursue options for reducing pesticide use at their homes and workplaces.


CleanSweepNY (link leaves DEC website) - An Environmental Benefit Project for the removal of cancelled, unwanted, unusable, or otherwise obsolete pesticides and other chemicals. The program targets farmers, commercial pesticide applicators, and schools. Homeowners are not eligible, and should dispose of unwanted pesticides and other chemicals through a local Household Hazardous Waste Program.

Reducing Pesticide Use

Here are some special initiatives pertaining to pesticides or ways to reduce pesticide use.

More about Special Pesticides Initiatives in NY:

  • Mosquito Control - Find mosquito control requirements for New York State including a list of registered pesticide products and commercial application requirements.
  • Pollinator Protection - Pollinator Protection initiatives in New York State.
  • Long Island Pesticide Pollution Prevention Strategy - A pesticide pollution prevention approach for protecting Long Island's groundwater as well as meeting the pest management needs of the agricultural, residential, and commercial sectors.
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