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POSS Technical Guidance

The Sewage Pollution Right to Know (SPRTK) law imposes new reporting requirements on publicly owned sewer systems (POSSs). This web page is dedicated to provide guidance materials for POSSs, as well as links to technical documents on the operation and maintenance of sewage collection systems.

POSS Technical Guidance

In addition to reporting sewage discharges, POSSs are also required to properly operate and maintain their wastewater collection system. This section contains links to several web sites created by various non-profit environmental assistance organizations to assist POSSs in proper operation and maintenance (O & M) procedures.

EPA's Wastewater Collection System Toolbox - This web site developed by EPA contains many valuable resources related to proper O & M of POSS systems. Documents included range from manhole and pipe assessments to resiliency trainings to public educational materials.

Water Environment Federation's Wastewater Collection and Treatment Operations Resource Center - This website includes information for both POTWs and POSSs, but has many informative technical documents.

New England Interstate's Wastewater and Onsite Systems Web Page - In addition to O & M material, this website also includes information on the voluntary collection system operator certification program.

American Water Works Association Wastewater Collection Systems - The AWWA website requires users to log in, but provides free training materials and guidance.

New York Water Environment Association's Voluntary Collection System Certification - NYWEA offers a voluntary collection system certification for staff. This program helps to assure that wastewater collection systems and equipment are operated and maintained by qualified staff who possess a high level of competence in the wastewater collection field.

New York State has more than 35,000 miles of sewers, and DEC estimates that approximately 40% of all sewers are more than 60 years old. In addition, the older a collection system is, the more likely it is to experience sewage release events. Nearly 64% of sewers more than 60 years old experience overflow events. Because of current conditions of wastewater infrastructure in NYS, proper O & M is critical to ensure the health and safety of New Yorkers.

For more information and forms for using NY-Alert see the SPRTK Information for Municipalities webpage located on the DEC website.