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DEC Remediation Site Boundaries - Downloadable GIS Files

DEC's Division of Environmental Remediation provides downloadable files of mapped boundaries for DEC-managed environmental remediation sites.

These files can be used by environmental professionals and the public to identify and map specific remediation sites for their use in mapping applications.

For sites in the State Superfund program, the site boundary identifies where the disposal or spill took place, and may not represent the boundary of associated soil or groundwater contamination. For sites in the Environmental Restoration, Brownfield Cleanup, and Voluntary Cleanup programs, the site boundary identifies the property (being) cleaned for redevelopment or reuse.

Remediation Site Boundary Files for ESRI ArcGIS

The DEC's dataset of remediation site boundaries is provided in shapefile, or ".SHP" format. This file must be opened and used with ESRI ArcGIS (see the "Links Leaving DEC" on the right for information on downloading a free ESRI ArcGIS mapping program.)

To open the file, save (ZIP) (1 MB) to a directory on your computer's hard drive. This contains several files that will work together within the ESRI ArcGIS program to display the data. Add the shapefile to your ArcGIS project.

Information About The Remediation Site Boundaries Data Set


The Remediation Site Boundaries data set includes mapped site borders for environmental remediation sites managed by DEC - including the State Superfund, Environmental Restoration, Brownfield Cleanup and Voluntary Cleanup Programs.

The data set is updated nightly.

Access and Use limitations

  1. NYS DEC asks to be credited in derived products.
  2. Secondary Distribution of the data is not allowed.
  3. Any documentation provided is an integral part of the data set. Failure to use the documentation in conjunction with the digital data constitutes misuse of the data.
  4. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information, errors may be reflected in the data supplied. The user must be aware of data conditions and bear responsibility for the appropriate use of the information with respect to possible errors, original map scale, collection methodology, currency of data, and other conditions.

Location Accuracy

The locations in the dataset were obtained from a number of sources. In many cases the site boundaries match real property boundaries, and boundaries are nearly survey-accurate. In other cases, the site boundary is a poorly defined area within a large parcel, and the boundary is hand sketched with very considerable uncertainty as to the location and meaning of the boundary. This data has not been field-verified. The data should not be used for precise determination of facility buildings, or property. All locations are in the UTM, NAD 83, Zone 18N datum.


Division of Environmental Remediation
625 Broadway, 11th Floor
Albany, NY 12233-7020

Data Set Fields

Data Base Fields for Remediation Site Boundaries
Data Field Description
Sitename The name of the site
Program DEC-administered site cleanup program (State Superfund, Environmental Restoration Program, Brownfield Cleanup Program, Voluntary Cleanup Program)
Siteclass The classification of the site
Address1 Site Address
Address2 Site Address
Zipcode Zip Code where municipality site is located
County County where site is located
Town Municipality where site is located
Region NYSDEC Region where site is located
UTMX Point X location of site (UTM, meters, NAD83, Zone 18N)
UTMY Point Y location of site (UTM, meters, NAD83, Zone 18N)
Method Method used to determine location (see Accuracy Methods Table, below)
Shape Coverage type (Polygon)
Shape.Area Area of the site in square meters (calculated)
Shape.Len Perimeter of the site boundary in meters (calculated)
Sitecode DEC-assigned site number

Accuracy Methods

Accuracy Methods for Remediation Site Location
1 No Accuracy Stated
1.1 Obtained from original submission and unverified processes
1.2 Source system default coordinates; unverified for accuracy
1.3 Unknown origin vector data
1.4 Tax map origin vector data
2 Manual Measurements
2.1 NYSDEC 100m grid collection
2.2 Field notes on a 1:24,000 scale map


Land Surveyed
3.6 Unknown Type
3.8 Mapping Grade GPS positioned vector data
3.9 Commercial Grade GPS positioned vector data
4 GIS Assisted
4.1 Address Matching
4.2 Utilization of GIS and existing spatial data
4.2.1 Utilization of GIS and Facility Mapping System
4.3 Utilization of Digital Orthophoto Quads
5 Survey and Survey Map
5.1 GPS Controlled Survey
5.2 Mapping Grade GPS positioned survey
5.3 Commercial Grade GPS positioned survey
5.4 Ortho Imagery position assisted Survey
5.5 Survey Map adjoining a GPS survey
5.6 Survey Map controlled by USGS Triangulation Stations
6 Deed Description
6.1 Deed description adjoining a GPS controlled survey
6.2 Mapping Grade GPS positioned Deed description
6.3 Commercial Grade GPS positioned Deed description
6.4 Ortho Imagery positioned assisted Deed description
7 Digitized
7.1 Screen digitized vector data using Ortho Imagery
7.2 Screen/table digitized 1:7920 map, position with Ortho Imagery
7.3 Screen/table digitized 1:24,000 planimetric, vector data
7.4 Screen/table digitized undocumented map, vector data
8 Sportsman Hand-Held Unit (w/ Selective Availability on)
3.1 Hand-Held Unit (post-processed, differentially corrected)
3.2 Hand-Held Unit (real-time, differentially corrected)
3.4 High-end Hand-Held Unit (carrier phase and/or differentially corrected)
3.5 Survey Grade/Backpack Unit (carrier phase and/or differentially corrected)
3.7 Sportsman Hand-Held Unit (w/o Selective Availability)