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Wednesday - 10/27
1:00 PMGlyphosate Stakeholder Meeting (Pesticides)
Friday - 10/29
 Brownfield App. & Work Plan - Broadway Square LLC Site (Queens) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield App. & Work Plan - Hope Fire Engine (White Plains) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield App. & Work Plan - Rego Park Center III (Rego Park) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield App. - 18 Division Place Site (Brooklyn) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield App. - 46-81 Metropolitan Ave Site (Queens) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield App. - 737 4th Avenue Site (Brooklyn) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield App. - Sutter Crossing Site (Brooklyn) Comment Deadline
 Draft Investigation Plan - Fmr. Rome Turney Development (Rome) Comment Deadline
Saturday - 10/30
 No Further Action Proposal - K Dangman Park MGP OU1 (Brooklyn) Comment Deadline
Wednesday - 11/3
 Comment End - Notice of Prop. 2022 Atlantic Ocean Surfclam Annual Harvest Limit
5:30 PMPublic Hearing - Barriers & Opportunities for Communities Report
Thursday - 11/4
12:00 PMPublic Hearing - Barriers & Opportunities for Communities Report
Friday - 11/5
 Brownfield App. - Broadway Triangle Site A (Brooklyn) Comment Deadline
 Comment End - Public Review - PFOA, PFOS, and 1,4 Dioxane Guidance to Regulate
 Proposed Cleanup - Greenpoint Ferry Site (Brooklyn) Comment Deadline
Saturday - 11/6
 Proposed Cleanup - Park Lane Senior Site (Bronx) Comment Deadline
Monday - 11/8
 No Further Action Proposal - Frmr Hampshire Chemical (Waterloo) Comment Deadline
Tuesday - 11/9
2:00 PMProposed Part 218 Emissions Standards for Motor Vehicles & Motor Vehicle Engines
Friday - 11/12
 Brownfield App. & Work Plan - 332 Fayette Manlius (Manlius) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield App. Amendment - Master Cleaners Site (Guilderland) Comment Deadline
Saturday - 11/13
 Draft Investigation Plan - 46-70 McLean Ave Auto (Yonkers) Comment Deadline
 Proposed Expedited Cleanup - 46-70 McLean Ave Auto (Yonkers) Comment Deadline
Monday - 11/15
 No Further Action Proposal - Frm. Alliance Metal Site (Gates) Comment Deadline
Thursday - 11/18
7:00 PMVirtual Public Meeting - Equity Works Former MGP (Brooklyn)
Friday - 11/19
 Brownfield App. & Work Plan - Copyrite Plastic Sheets (Bronx) Comment Deadline
 Comment End - Greenidge Generation LLC
 Draft Investigation Plan - River North Site (Staten Island) Comment Deadline
Sunday - 11/21
 Draft Investigation Plan - Mt Olive Senior Manor Site (Buffalo) Comment Deadline
Monday - 11/22
 Proposed Cleanup - Former Parkway Plaza Cleaners (Canandaigua) Comment Deadline
Saturday - 11/27
 No Further Action Proposal - Red Devil Paint (Mount Vernon) Comment Deadline
Tuesday - 11/30
 Comment End - Hughes Energy, LLC Solid Waste Management Facility
3:00 PMVirtual Public Hearing - Proposed Parts 613 (PBS) and 596-599 (CBS)
Saturday - 12/4
 Proposed Cleanup - 11-20 46th Road Site (Long Island City) Comment Deadline
Monday - 12/6
5:00 PMProposed Parts 613 (PBS) and 596-599 (CBS) Comment Deadline
Tuesday - 12/7
 Comment End - Navy Grumman Groundwater Plume Proposed Consent Decree
Friday - 12/17
 Proposed Expedited Cleanup - Equity Works MGP Site (Brooklyn) Comment Deadline

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