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Minnow and Carp

Family: Cyprinidae

The minnow family is represented in New York by more species than any other family. These species are typically small insect-eating fish, but several species are large piscivores (fish eaters). They have smooth scales, have no teeth on their jaws, and have the fusiform body shape typical of many families of fish. They are closely related to suckers and catfishes. Minnows are found throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. In New York, they are found in every drainage and are present in habitats from headwater brooks to large rivers, ponds and lakes. There are 49 species in New York waters. Many of these species have limited ranges and are found only in specific habitats in one or two drainages. Others are ubiquitous and are present throughout the state in a variety of different habitats. Six species are introduced from Europe or Asia; all other species are native to New York although there have been numerous transdrainage introductions.

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