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Management Plan for Ring-Necked Pheasants in New York 2010-2020

Pheasant Program Vision

To meet the current and future desires of people for pheasant hunting, observation, and educational opportunities within biological constraints and consistent with available funding.

Pheasant Management Plan

In September 2009, a draft pheasant management plan was posted on the DEC website. After a two-month long public comment period, DEC has adopted a "Management Plan for Ring-necked Pheasants in New York State." To develop the plan, DEC staff reviewed the current pheasant plan and programs, looked at how other states manage pheasants, talked to sportsmen and other stakeholders, and prepared a succinct action plan for guiding management and use of pheasants in New York. The plan consists of four goals, 16 objectives, and 33 actions to be implemented through 2020, and assumes the current level of staff and fiscal resources for pheasant propagation and management will continue.

DEC biologists and technicians expect wild pheasant populations to decline further in most areas, so an emphasis will be to make the best use of propagated pheasants to satisfy recreational hunting interests. This includes:

  • more areas to hunt both cock and hen pheasants;
  • longer hunting seasons;
  • higher adult pheasant production for stocking; and
  • more opportunities for youth and people with disabilities.

Habitat management for wild pheasants will be concentrated in a "focus area" to make the best use of all available resources and determine if efforts to increase pheasants are effective. Hen pheasants will continue to be protected in the best pheasant range. Partnerships and cooperation among groups and individuals interested in pheasants and other grassland birds are encouraged to better utilize expertise, expenditures, and current research.

You can view, print, or download the Pheasant Management Plan (PDF, 1.8 MB) or you can request a copy by calling (607) 273-3763.

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