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Endangered Species

When air, land, water, plants, and animals support each other in a healthy environmental system, all species, including humans, flourish. Alone among the animals, humans have the power to throw the system out of balance and to damage key elements in the web of life beyond repair.

The same knowledge and technology that make humans uniquely destructive also gives us the ability to prevent damage to the environment. Furthermore, it gives us the ability to care for the environmental support system on which our very survival depends.

DEC's Endangered Species Program focuses on the most sensitive elements in the system. It is designed to find and correct fish or wildlife problems before certain species are gone forever.

Protected Animals

This International Bat Week (Oct 24-31) learn about at-risk bats, including the Little Brown Bat and Northern Long-eared Bat.

View the Checklist of Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals of New York State (PDF).

Goal of the Endangered Species Program

To perpetuate and restore native animal life within New York State for the use and benefit of current and future generations, based upon sound scientific practices and in consideration of social values, so as not to foreclose these opportunities to future generations.

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