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Bald Eagle Management

bald eagle perched on branch

Through the work of New York's program and those in other states and Canada, the magnificent bird that symbolizes our nation is coming back from the brink of extinction. Higher population levels and successful reproduction mean the bald eagle is on a firmer footing today than it has been for half a century. In fact efforts have been so successful that the bald eagle has been removed from the federal endangered species list. Its status in New York has been changed from Endangered to Threatened.

In New York, the bald eagles' success story is the result of several DEC programs:

  • restrictions on the the use of toxic substances that interfere with the birds' breeding
  • intervention to protect and restore the species in the wild
  • protection of critical eagle habitat
  • research, monitoring and management of eagles in the wild

NYSDEC released a Conservation Plan for Bald Eagles in New York State (PDF). The plan focuses on providing the people of New York the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of the wildlife of the State, now and in the future, through scientifically sound management of wildlife species in a manner that is efficient, clearly described, consistent with law, and in harmony with public need.

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