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Prevent the Spread of Terrestrial Invasive Species

People unknowingly spread invasive pests during everyday outdoor activities. You can help prevent the spread of terrestrial invasive species by following the quick and easy tips below.

General Tips

  • Learn about the invasive species in your area. Visit New York's Clearinghouse website (leaves DEC website) to find out about invasive species in New York State.
  • Report invasive species you find. Visit New York's invasive species database iMapInvasives (leaves DEC website) to learn how to report invasive species.
  • Need help identifying a species?
  • Get involved - volunteer with your local Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM). NYS is divided into eight PRISMs which conduct management activities and provide volunteer opportunities on a regional basis.

Tips for Hikers, Campers and Hunters

Invasive plant seeds can easily get stuck on clothing
Invasive plants can be spread by seeds
stuck to clothing.
  • Seeds from invasive trailside plants often stick to clothing and get stuck in boot treads. Wear outer clothing that is not "seed-friendly." Wool, fleece, Velcro® and other fabrics that seeds easily cling to should be covered by jackets, pants and gaiters* made of smoother materials, like nylon. *Gaiters are garments worn over shoes and the lower part of the leg to protect from water and mud.
  • Avoid wearing footwear with deep tread, which collects plants, mud and other debris. When conditions/terrain call for deep tread, clean footwear thoroughly.
  • Remove any seeds from clothing, boots and equipment before and after you go outdoors. Carry a brush, small scissors, and other tools for cleaning clothing/gear. Look for and remove seeds, plant pieces, and insects on:
    • Hair and clothing
    • Gear and equipment
    • Vehicles and trailers
    • Dogs, horses and other animals
  • Dispose of debris at designated cleaning stations or waste-disposal areas. If these areas are unavailable, clean in parking lots or driveways where invasive pests are unlikely to spread. Avoid cleaning near waterways; invasive species may spread to new areas downstream.
  • Stay on marked trails.
  • Invasive insects and diseases spread through the movement of firewood. Before bringing wood with you when camping or vacationing, check NYS's firewood regulation.
  • Hunting and possession of Eurasian boar is regulated in NYS. Check NYS's Eurasian boar regulation for more information.

Tips for Gardeners and Landscapers

The native blue flag iris is a beautiful addition to your garden
The native blue flag iris is a great addition
to your garden.

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