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Watchable Wildlife: Coho and Chinook Salmon

Did You Know?

  • Male chinook salmon underwater
    Chinook Salmon - Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
    Photo: Eric Engbretson, Engbretson Underwater Photo
    Both are non-native, Pacific coast species.
  • Most are hatchery-raised and stocked in lakes Ontario and Erie and their tributaries.
  • They protect their fertilized eggs by burying them in stream gravel.
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What to Watch for:


Coho: average about 10 pounds and 20-34 inches long
Chinook: range from 15-30+ pounds and 22-44 inches long


Both species have gray backs speckled with black spots, and silver-gray sides. Male coho develop a deep red coloration on their sides as they mature for spawning. Chinook have fully spotted tails while Coho have only a few spots on their tails, usually confined to the upper lobe.

Where to Watch:

Lakes Erie and Ontario and their tributaries

When to Watch:

In spring, you may see these salmon chasing alewives and smelt in shallow near-shore areas. In fall, enjoy one of nature's most impressive and poignant spawning displays as these huge fish race up rivers and streams to lay their eggs before dying.

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The Best Place to See Coho and Chinook Salmon: