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Resources for Boat Launch Owners

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DEC encourages private marina operators, lake associations and others with boat launch facilities to utilize the resources below to inform visitors of the threat of aquatic invasive species and how they can help stop their spread. By working together, we can help ensure that the lakes and rivers we all enjoy are protected from the impacts of invasive plant and animal species.

Building and Installing a Disposal Station

Invasive Species Disposal Station
Invasive species disposal station

In an effort to combat the introduction and spread of invasive aquatic species, invasive species disposal stations have been installed at many DEC boat launches and fishing access sites. These stations provide a dedicated location for anglers and boaters to dispose of invasive species clinging to their fishing and boating equipment. The stations also serve as a billboard encouraging users to carefully inspect their equipment and remove and properly dispose of any invasives they find.

Invasive Species Signage Templates

Outreach and education are the most tools to combat the spread of invasive species. The more people that are made aware of the necessity of cleaning and drying boating and fishing equipment, the less likely the aquatic invasive species are to be spread to new waters. The following guidance sign templates can be downloaded and used at private access points.

Informational panels:

protect your waters sign

Protect Your Waters - 18" x 24" panel (PDF, 7.7 MB)

Protect Your Waters - 31" x 38" panel (PDF, 10 MB)


Before You Leave sign

Before You Leave - 18" x 24" (PDF) - This sign is designed to be mounted at a boat-launching area.

Did You Remember To sign

Did You Remember - 18" x 24" (PDF) - This sign is designed to be mounted at the site exit or anywhere you want to remind boaters and anglers to check, clean, and dry their boating equipment.

Protect Your Waters sign

Protect Your Waters (PDF) - This general sign can be posted at any waterway access site. It introduces the reader to invasive species and runs through how to check and clean the boat.

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