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Rare Plants

Botany Program:

The New York Natural Heritage Program keeps track of the status of the state's rare flowering plants, conifers, ferns and fern allies, and mosses. The Heritage botany staff currently includes Steve Young (Chief Botanist) and Richard Ring (State Parks Botanist).

Links to other botanical websites are provided in the box at the right of this page. We are currently organizing natural history and identification information about our rare plants to include as conservation guides. Follow the link in the box at the right of this page entitled NYNHP Conservation Guides. Eventually, you will be able to sort the information by a number of different fields to produce lists tailored to your needs. We hope you find our information useful and we would appreciate any comments you have to improve the content of our site.

2019 New York Rare Plant Status Lists (PDF) March 2019 lists of rare plants of New York State with their rarity status and counties of occurrence. This document also contains rare plant phenology lists. Please note: State Protected Status listings for plants have not yet been updated to reflect the new information on rarity status in this list.See the current State Protected list (link leaves DEC website).

2008 New York Rare Moss Status List (PDF) October 2008 list of rare mosses of New York State with their rarity status.

Identification and Natural History Resources (PDF) Annotated bibliography of guides and manuals for New York native plant identification and natural history information.

Conservation Guides - These comprehensive fact sheets about individual rare species and natural community types are designed to help land managers, decision-makers, planners, scientists, consultants, students, and the interested public better understand the biodiversity that characterizes New York. Conservation Guides include information on biology, identification, habitat, distribution, conservation, and management. Guides for many of New York's rare species and natural community types have been completed and are updated periodically, and more are continually being added to the Guides website. Follow the link provided in the box at the right of this page entitled NYNHP Conservation Guides.

Environmental Resource Mapper - This interactive mapping application can show you the general areas where rare animals, rare plants, and rare and significant natural communities (such as forests, wetlands, and other habitat types) have been documented by the NY Natural Heritage Program. The Environmental Resource Mapper also displays locations of New York regulated freshwater wetlands and of protected streams, rivers, and lakes. These maps are intended as one source of information for landowners, land managers, citizens, local officials, and project sponsors engaged in land use decision making, conservation, or environmental assessment.

State Protected Plant List - A list of the plants with New York legal status. See the regulated list (link leaves DEC website) for species information.