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For an update on the illness affecting songbirds in 2021, visit the Animal Diseases webpage.

New York State is home to a variety of bird species. Besides information on specific birds and endangered species of birds, the following information and tools are also available:

New York State Ornithological Association

Ornithology is the term for the branch of zoology that refers to the study of birds. The New York State Ornithological Association (NYSOA) is a member organization of professional ornithologists, birding clubs and enthusiastic birders. The objectives of NYSOA are to document the ornithology of New York State; to foster interest in and appreciation of birds; and to protect birds and their habitats. To find out more about NYSOA, visit the link in the right hand column on this page.

New York State Avian Records Committee

The New York State Avian Records Committee (NYSARC) was established in 1977 by the New York State Ornithological Association (formerly The Federation of New York State Bird Clubs), with the primary goal of maintaining the official list of species of birds known to occur or have occurred (in the case of extinct species) in New York State and adjacent ocean. NYSARC reviews all data pertaining to records of scarce or rare birds reported in the state. These data are archived at Laboratory of Ornithology at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, to provide reference and research material for birders and ornithologists. Follow the link in the right hand column of this page for additional information.

Resources for Young Birders

Two resources may be of interest to young people that have a passion for wild birds and their habiatats:

Young Birders Network

The Young Birders Network website includes extensive information for young birders around the world. It is primarily geared for ages 12-18. Its aim is to provide resources for young birders to connect and learn, and also to provide adult advocates for young birders the resources to encourage and support.

New York State Young Birders Club

The New York State Young Birders Club provides community, friendship, and fun for young people who have a passion for wild birds and their habitats. This club is for birders in New York State between the ages of 10 and 19, inclusive.

To find out more about these resources for young birders visit the links on the right hand column of this page.

Breeding Bird Atlas

The Breeding Bird Atlas is a comprehensive, statewide survey that reveals the distribution of breeding birds in New York. Two Breeding Bird Atlas projects have been completed to date, the first from 1980-1985, and the second from 2000-2005.

Bird Conservation

Protecting Birds on Private Lands

Learn about Grassland Bird Habitat and Ecology and how these Best Management Practices for Grassland Birds can help birds on your land.

Bird Conservation Areas

The New York State Bird Conservation Area Program was established in 1997 to safeguard and enhance bird populations and their habitats on State lands and waters. The goal of the Bird Conservation Area (BCA) Program is to integrate bird conservation interests into agency planning, management and research projects, within the context of agency missions.


Periods of migration are the highest sources of mortality in bird which range from collisions with vehicles, buildings, power lines etc. to storm and exhaustion from a lack of adequate food supply along their routes. Typically weather and fog can cause a flock to fly lower which in turn leads to collisions, and can include multiple different species. If the weather is bad during migration periods, slow down while driving along heavy migration paths. You can track bird migration forecasts through Cornell's Lab of Ornithology website.

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