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Trees for Tribs Grant Program

Map depicting different watersheds in NYS, indicating that all of the state except the Hudson River Watershed are eligible for the grant.
Map of eligible watersheds - click to enlarge (PDF)

The application period is now closed. Stay tuned for future opportunities.

The purpose of this grant program is to support the reforesting of riparian (streamside) buffers throughout New York State to prevent erosion, stabilize streambanks, increase flood water retention, improve wildlife and stream habitat, and protect water quality. Grant funds are available through the Environmental Protection Fund and are managed and allocated by NYSDEC's Trees for Tribs Program. Project proposals are evaluated for cost effectiveness, use of recommended standards in implementation, local support, and regional impact.

See Program Overview below for more information.

2018 Grant Recipients

Grant recipients can view our Lands and Forests Grantee Resources webpage for information on progress reports, contracts, and more.

DEC awarded $379,878.55 to ten projects. The projects that received the highest scores emphasized the use of native plant species and appropriate planting techniques; utilized qualified professionals in developing planting plans for each site; included an education and volunteer engagement component; incorporated long-term maintenance plans; and demonstrated support from partners.

2018 Grant Recipients

Grantee Project Grant Amount
Town of Winfield Town of Winfield Memorial Park Riparian Tree Planting $56,000.00
Finger Lakes Cultural & Natural History Museum Sugar Creek Restoration Project $38,000.00
Town of Whitestown Sauquoit Creek Channel & Floodplain Restoration Project, Lower Sauquoit $25,000.00
Town of Richmond Sandy Bottom Park Trees for Tribs $18,598.00
Onondaga Environmental Institute, Inc. Riparian Restoration of the Ley Creek Watershed $88,045.00
Housatonic Valley Association, Inc. Partnering to Restore Streamside Vegetation in New York's Housatonic Valley $49,030.75
Seatuck Environmental Association, Inc. Upper Penataquit Creek Riparian Restoration $28,600.00
Town of North Hempstead Trees for Manhasset Valley Park $37,500.00
Erie County Department of Parks, Recreation & Forestry Isle View Tree Planting Project $11,757.80
Town of Brookhaven Reforestation of Bay Avenue Farm East Morciches & Meadow Lane Blue Point $27,347.00

For detailed information about each project, view the 2018 Trees for Tribs Grant Project Descriptions (PDF).

Program Overview

For the full details on the project objectives, application process, eligible expenditures, evaluation criteria, and contractual requirements, please read the Request for Applications (PDF).

Eligible Applicants

Municipalities, academic institutions, and 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporations whose projects are located within the eligible geographic boundaries defined in the Request for Applications. Other groups, such as unincorporated river associations, must apply with an eligible partner.

Eligible Projects

Grant projects must implement tree and shrub planting activities to restore or bolster forested riparian buffers in New York State. All projects must have defined objectives, tasks, and deliverables that can be completed within a two-year contract term. Activities may include:

  • planting native trees and shrubs in a riparian area,
  • planting plan development,
  • site preparation, and
  • landowner outreach and education.

Minimum and Maximum Award Amounts

Several people planting trees along a stream.

Minimum grant amount is $11,000. Maximum grant amount is $100,000. No match is required.

Application Process

All applications must be submitted through the NYS Grants Gateway System (leaves DEC website). Organizations must be registered in the Grants Gateway before they can apply and not-for-profit applicants must also prequalify prior to the application deadline. Resources for grant applicants are available on the Grants Gateway webpages. Questions regarding registration, prequalification, and submitting applications should be directed to 518-474-5595 or email

Applicants selected to received a grant award are required to execute a Master Contract for Grants (MCG) within 60-90 days from the time of award notification. Failure to submit the required MCG documents in a timely manner may cause a grantee to lose their grant award.

General Questions

General questions about the grant program can be directed to:

Statewide Trees for Tribs Coordinator
NYSDEC, Lands and Forests
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233-4250

Grant recipients can view our Lands and Forests Grantee Resources webpage for additional grant forms and instructions.