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Intake Cooling Water Technical Guidance

The Department is seeking comments on the following two DRAFT Technical Guidance documents:

1. Procedures for Determining Entrainment Survival of Fish at Industrial Facilities Operating Cooling Water Intake Structures (PDF, 547 KB)
Commissioner Policy CP- #52 allows for entrainment survival to be considered as part of a Best Technology Available ("BTA") decision under 6 NYCRR § 704.5 but only if a facility-specific biological study is conducted. This guidance establishes both technically sound methods for determining entrainment survival and procedures for the estimated survival to be included as a component of BTA for the purposes of meeting the requirements of 6 NYCRR § 704.5.

2. Velocity Cap Efficacy Estimation for use in Best Technology Available Determinations (PDF, 418 KB)
The use of velocity caps on offshore cooling water intake structures have been in practice since the late 1950s to reduce the impingement of fish. Unfortunately, no site-specific data exists for New York facilities that verify the efficacy of intakes fitted with velocity caps meet the performance goals of Commissioner Policy CP-52 for impingement mortality. This document presents technical information on the published efficacy of velocity caps and provides technical guidance to permittees and Department staff.

Submit comments by email to: ; Include "CWIS Guidance Comments" in the subject line. You can also mail your comments to:

Chuck Nieder, Chief Bureau of Habitat
Division of Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Habitat
Department of Environmental Conservation
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Comments must be received by the Department by 5:00PM on Friday, April 27, 2018.