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Environmental Analyst I

Job Description:

An Environmental Analyst 1 (Trainee 1) would, under supervision, perform a variety of tasks related to the integration of environmental factors and considerations into the decision making of government agencies while participating in a two-year, intensive on-the-job training program. These tasks would include conducting environmental impact assessment of proposed actions; conducting interdisciplinary environmental and regulatory reviews; interacting with government agencies and the public on environmental review and permitting procedures and utilization of computer-assisted programs to manage, track and schedule review activities. You would be advanced, without further examination, to Environmental Analyst Trainee 2 after one year of satisfactory service as an Environmental Analyst Trainee 1. You would be advanced without further examination, to Environmental Analyst Trainee 2.

As an Environmental Analyst 1, in addition to performing the tasks described above, you would serve as project manager on a broad range of projects. You would also act more independently both in project management and in interpreting environmental laws and regulations to evaluate project impacts. For examples of the kinds of projects Environmental Analyst work on through DEC's nine New York State regions, see the Environmental Permits and Pollution Prevention Sampler (pdf, 804 kb)

Job Qualifications:

Candidates for Environmental Analyst Trainee 1 must have a bachelor's or higher level degree in civil, environmental or geological engineering; environmental planning, environmental studies; environmental, natural or physical science; land use planning; archeology; geography; or landscape architecture. For Environmental Analyst 1, candidates must have two years of experience in a position having a substantial relationship to environmental analysis (as defined below).

A master's degree in one of the areas listed above, in addition to a bachelor's degree in one of those areas, can be substituted for one year of the work experience.


Work experience "having a substantial relationship to environmental analysis" means that at least 50% of the time is spent preparing and/or reviewing environmental impact statements; providing expert testimony on environmental impact at public hearings; providing consultation on environmental impact laws, rules and regulations; or conducting office evaluations and field investigations in conjunction with such multi-disciplinary environmental regulatory programs as water quality, wetlands, air quality, solid and hazardous waste management, and mining.


For current salary information go to: Careers in Environmental Conservation.

Work Location:

These positions exist at numerous locations throughout the State in the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Promotional Opportunities:

Candidates may enter the Environmental Analyst series as an Environmental Analyst Trainee 1 or at the Environmental Analyst 1 level, depending upon their work experience. Promotional opportunities are available through competitive examination and satisfactory experience.

Application Procedures:

The position of Environmental Analyst Trainee 1 is filled through the use of eligible lists resulting from a written examination administered by the Department of Civil Service. For additional information on Civil Service Examinations, see the links leaving DEC's website to "Civil Service Exam Announcements," "Civil Service Exam Notification," and "Civil Service FAQ's" on the right side of this page.

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New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Is An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer