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Using the DEC Website

Global Navigation

Across the very top of every page is New York State's global navigation banner, which links to the Governor's website. There are links to New York State Services; News about New York State; New York State Government; and Local Government information.

NYSDEC Navigation

Right below the global navigation banner are DEC's main topics and a link to our search engine. Each topic expands to display a set of links leading to information found within that topic. To return to DEC's home page, visitors can click on the words Department of Environmental Conservation in the green banner from any page.

New York State and DEC website navigation banners
NYS global navigation and DEC navigation


Breadcrumb trail
Breadcrumb trail highlighted in yellow

Breadcrumbs or the breadcrumb trail is another navigation aid you can use to keep track of your location on the website. Visitors to the website can click on these and go to that particular page. On DEC's website they can be found directly under DEC's green banner at the top of the page.

Home Page

Below the navigation banners and above the footer on DEC's home page, there are six boxes where DEC highlights some of its information. The first three boxes may showcase seasonal, health related, and emergency information. The second three boxes consist of DEC's events calendar; a live Twitter feed; and a group of quick links to timely information. Below the boxes are three graphical links for visitors to purchase a sporting license; download DEC's Outdoors App; and to check out Conservationist magazine.

Right Hand Navigation Column

The right hand column appears on most of DEC's web pages. There can be up to five sections of information that the right hand column can provide, such as:

DEC's Hiking page with a red arrow pointing to rhe right hand navication column
Arrow pointing to the right hand column on DEC's Hiking page
  • Find on this Page links act as a table of contents for the page you're currently on.
  • Important Links provide links to other pages on DEC's website which provide information related to the page you're currently visiting.
  • Links Leaving DEC's Website provide links to pages outside of DEC's website which contain information related to the page you're currently visiting.
  • Contact for this Page information provides a mailing address, email, and telephone number.
  • This Page Covers section provides a regional map which shows what area of the state the information on a particular page is about.

More About Section

More About section for Fishing page
Scrolling to the bottom of the Fishing page
you'll find the more about section.

The More about section is on most pages of DEC's website. It can be found as the last part of information at the bottom of the page. It repeats the items in the left navigation of that current page you're on and also provides a description of the information found at each link.


At the bottom of every page is DEC's footer, which contains five sections of varied topics: Programs, Services, Agency Information, Help and Language Assistance.

  • The links under the Programs and the Services headings each bring you to a high level (gateway) page within DEC's navigational structure. Each gateway page will have links in the left hand navigation column that goes deeper into the particular topic.
  • Agency Information provides links to information about DEC and its bureaucratic structure; events; FOIL and doing business with DEC.
  • Visitors can look under Help to use the subject index and for ways to contact DEC staff among the other options.
  • Language Assistance is provided for those who speak a different language.
  • Visitors can also connect with DEC via links to DEC's social media content from the bottom of the footer.
DEC footer showing links to key topics
DEC's main sections highlighted in yellow. Visitors can also access DEC's social media content from the links at the bottom of the DEC footer.

Global Footer

New York State footer for webpages
NYS Global Footer for webpages

Below the DEC footer is New York State's global footer. The links go to different areas of the Governor's website. Users can find information about state agencies; the state's official applications; counties; events around the state; state programs; and various services.