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Division of Materials Management

The Mission of the Division of Materials Management is to Protect the Environment and Public Health Through Fulfillment of Three Broad Goals:

  • Minimize waste and maximize the use of recyclable materials, while ensuring that solid waste management facilities and hazardous waste management facilities within the State are operated properly. By capturing the economic value of materials, their imbedded energy is conserved and the generation of greenhouse gases and pollution is minimized.
  • Ensure safe and appropriate management of pesticides and provide protection from exposure to them, through regulation of pesticide registration, sales and application and related enforcement/compliance, as well as technical assistance and outreach.
  • Provide for the regulation, inspection and permitting of radioactive materials discharges and technical support and oversight of sites with radioactive contaminants.

Division Organizational Structure

Division Director - David Vitale, P.E.
Assistant Division Director - Robert Phaneuf, P.E.

Division Secretary - Kathy Manzari

Bureau of Solid Waste Management - Bureau Director, Richard Clarkson, P.E.

  • Waste Transport and State Assistance - Michael Dauphinais
  • Site Investigation and Mitigation - Vimal Minocha, P. E.
  • Solid Waste Management Facilities and Planning - Kathleen Prather, P.E.
  • Landfill - Jaime Lang, P.E.

Bureau of Waste Reduction and Recycling - Bureau Director, Peter Pettit, P.E.

  • Product Stewardship and Waste Reduction - Mark Moroukian, P.E.
  • Recycling and Outreach - Theresa Laibach
  • Organics Reduction and Recycling - Sally Rowland, P.E., PhD
  • Pollution Prevention Unit - John Vana, P.E.

Bureau of Pest Management - Bureau Director, Scott Menrath, P.E.

  • Pesticide Product Registration - Jeanine Broughel
  • Enforcement and Compliance Assurance - Anthony Lamanno
  • Reporting and Certification - Richard Dickinson
  • New York City/Long Island Pesticides - Joyce Rodler

Bureau of Hazardous Waste and Radiation Management - Bureau Director, Daniel Evans, P.E.

  • RCRA Permitting - Lynn Winterberger, P.E.
  • RCRA Compliance and Technical Support - Thomas Killeen, P.E.
  • Radioactive Materials Management - Timothy Rice
  • Radiation Control Permits - Vacant

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