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Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

Access to DEC's Services

The goal of DEC's accessibility efforts is for people with disabilities to be able to participate in and enjoy the benefits of DEC's services, programs and activities. This may be achieved in a variety of ways, including through physical design, alternative forms of communication, inclusive programs and individual accommodation. Individuals requiring modifications to DEC policies, practices or procedures in order to participate in a service, program or activity are encouraged to make their needs known to DEC staff. Any questions relating to the provision of accommodation should be directed to the Statewide ADA Coordinator. DEC does not charge fees to people with disabilities to offset the cost of providing access.

NYSDEC welcomes all visitors to explore outdoor recreation on state lands. Find a wide range of accessible recreation opportunities in New York.

Self-evaluation and transition planning efforts occur through land management planning documents which contain an inventory of facilities, plans for new construction or recreational activities, and accessibility improvements. The planning efforts occur on a continual basis and involve a public comment period and sometimes public hearings. The public is invited to be involved in this process, and make suggestions for accessibility improvements.

DEC has an active Accessibility Advisory Committee (PDF), consisting of individuals with disabilities and representatives from organizations which serve people with disabilities, who are committed to advancing goals that raise awareness of access for people with disabilities. The Committee provides assistance, advice and guidance to DEC on relevant issues, and promotes the principles of Universal Design to ensure access to services, programs and activities in the most inclusive setting.

The links to the right contain DEC's Grievance Procedure, the ADA Complaint form, and information on Accessible Recreation Destinations throughout the state.

Procedure for Requesting Reasonable Accommodations

DEC follows the "Uniform State Policy" per the NYS Procedures for Implementing Reasonable Accommodation in Programs and Services for Individuals with Disabilities (PDF). Whenever an individual with a disability requests reasonable accommodation with regard to state programs or services, the accommodation should be provided whenever there is no issue of undue burden, direct threat or a change to the fundamental nature of the program being offered. Whenever a requested accommodation cannot be immediately granted, the matter should be referred to the Statewide ADA Coordinator (Coordinator). The Coordinator shall contact the individual requesting accommodation, and make a bona-fide effort to reach a solution consistent with the Uniform State Policy and applicable legal standards. The Coordinator shall consult, as needed, with DEC's Counsel and Fiscal Officer. Where an accommodation cannot be offered as requested, the Coordinator shall assure that the individual requesting accommodation is aware of DEC's formal grievance procedures.

Persons with disabilities or with questions about DEC's overall accessibility efforts and policies should contact the following for assistance:

Leah Akins
Statewide ADA Coordinator
Division of Operations
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233-5253
(518) 402-9295

Web Access for Persons with Disabilities

DEC works to provide access to all web site content, services, and transactions to persons with disabilities to the greatest extent possible. Careful consideration of accessibility has been applied during the design, posting, and maintenance of all web content.

Any person with a disability who is unable to access any content within this site is strongly encouraged to report the problem to the contact listed below, both so that we can assist in obtaining the information you need and so that, if possible, we can fix the problem for other users.

Persons with disabilities or with questions about DEC's web accessibility policy should contact the following for assistance:

Web Content Manager
Office of Communication Services
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233
(518) 402-8013