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Office of Climate Change

Goal: Build a resilient and low carbon future for New York.

Working to connect environmental and energy policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase resiliency for the State, empower its communities, and provide low carbon options for all New Yorkers.

Reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHGs) to stay below 2 degrees Celsius of global warming.

  • Reduce and minimize GHG emissions.

  • Maintain/enhance carbon sinks.

  • Promote action at all levels: local, state, regional, national, and international.

  • Engage citizens and public-private partnerships.

Develop market-based solutions to GHG mitigation and climate change adaptation in New York State.

  • Expand carbon markets to internalize the costs of GHG emissions across the economy.

  • Develop cost-effective approaches to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

  • Improve disclosure of GHG emissions and their costs.

Achieve climate resiliency for New York State and its communities.

  • Develop and use vulnerability assessments.

  • Integrate adaptation planning, implementation, and reporting into operations.

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