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AFR Job Description

Nature of Work

An Assistant Forest Ranger is employed seasonally and assigned to a specific State land management unit or office under the jurisdiction of the Department of Environmental Conservation. Positions in this class are assigned duties which involve the preservation, protection and enhancement of the natural resources on these state lands and the safety and well-being of the public using these resources and lands. These positions provide support to the Forest Ranger Division in field work, emergency response and administrative reporting.

Nature of Supervision

The Assistant Forest Ranger reports directly to a permanent Forest Ranger 1 or 2 who has jurisdiction over the assigned duty area or responsibility. Assistant Forest Rangers must be able to work alone, make decisions and determine the correct course of action, since their supervisors may be working in a location at a considerable distance. Forest Rangers 1 and 2 review the assistant's reports; train staff; provide procedures, guidelines and laws; and evaluate their performance.

Assistant Forest Rangers do not routinely supervise; however, in conducting search and rescue or fire suppression activities, they may supervise other seasonal employees or volunteers.

Minimum Qualifications

The NYS Civil Service minimum qualifications for an Assistant Forest Ranger are:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older
  2. 30 college credit hours or 6 months experience in environmental and natural resource protection, forestry, environmental education, or work in a park or recreation setting
  3. Have a valid driver's license
  4. Be capable of physically performing field work common to the assigned work area, over rough
    terrain and during inclement weather
  5. Conviction of a felony may bar appointment or result in removal after appointment

Scope of Duties and Responsibilities

An Assistant Forest Ranger will perform a wide variety of duties. Specific responsibilities include the following:

  • Attends mandatory training for Assistant Forest Rangers
  • Provides information and education to users relating to the proper use and protection of the natural resource
  • Provides assistance and advice to users regarding trails and other facilities
  • Using tact and diplomacy, promotes and monitors the public's compliance with the Department's Rules and Regulations and the Environmental Conservation Law regarding the use of State lands
  • Gives tours and presents talks to school groups, state land users and others
  • Performs routine maintenance work on trails and other facilities, including placing signs, removing blowdowns, and removing debris and garbage as a minor part of their season responsibilities
  • Patrols assigned areas for signs of fire, vandalism, trespass, safety hazards etc. and informs Forest Rangers when assistance is needed to control or stop illegal, destructive or unsafe activities
  • Resolves conflicts among individuals or groups as necessary
  • Monitors use of trails and camping areas, evaluates patterns of use and notes condition of facilities
  • Works in a fire crew to suppress wildland fires or support prescribed fire
  • Participates in search and rescue operations and training as needed
  • Applies emergency first aid procedures to injured persons and assists in their evacuation
  • Provides radio, telephone and email communications for emergency and/or program operations, communicating directly with Forest Rangers and/or police officers
  • Maintains records, prepares and submits reports relating to daily activities, compliance with laws and rules & regulations, public use, maintenance needs and special reports as needed

Policies Governing Appearance of and Uniforms for Assistant Forest Ranger

  • Uniform clothing, personal protective equipment (PPE) and issued equipment & items shall be worn when on official duty and in combinations approved by the Forest Ranger Division
  • Clean and pressed uniform clothing items shall be worn when attending official meetings and in the field to the extent possible and practical
  • No decorative jewelry or other similar items may be worn or be visible except the wearing of a wrist watch and/or one ring worn on a finger
  • Hair styling shall compliment the image of personnel of the Division. Hair on the head shall be kept neatly trimmed so that it neither reaches the uniform shirt collar nor covers the ears. Beards and moustaches in place at the time of hiring may remain in place. Under no circumstances will facial hair be grown while employed as an Assistant Forest Ranger. Existing beards and/or moustaches shall be kept neatly trimmed, otherwise the Assistant Forest Ranger shall be clean shaven when on official duty. The purpose of these provisions is to insure the personal safety of the Assistant Forest Ranger Force.

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