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Division of Mineral Resources Statewide Contacts

Mined Land Reclamation

The Division of Mineral Resources employs Mined Land Reclamation staff in all DEC regions except Region 2 (New York City). Each region has a Supervising Mined Land Reclamation Specialist and additional staff depending on the extent of mining activity in that region. Questions regarding Mined Land Reclamation Permit applications or related activities should be directed to the appropriate Regional Mined Land Supervisor (listed below) based on the region where the project is proposed/located. Statewide policy and direction is provided by the Central Office in Albany. Financial security for all Mined Land is managed by staff in the Central Office. Mined Land Reclamation Permit Regulatory Fee inquiries should be directed to Central Office staff as well.

Selected Mined Land Contacts
Region Staff Telephone Fax
Region 1 Robert Yager (631) 444-0274 (631) 444-0272
Region 3 Halina Duda (845) 256-3128 (845) 255-4659
Region 4 Psalm Wyckoff (518) 357-2254 (518) 357-2460
Region 5 Joseph Barbeito (518) 897-1305 (518) 897-1370
Region 6 Jerome Zaykoski (315) 785-2269 (315) 785-2242
Region 7 Chris Lucidi (315) 426-7484 (315) 426-7489
Region 8 Steven Army (585) 226-5372 (585) 226-9034
Region 9 Lucas Mahoney (716) 372-0645 (716)372-2113
Statewide -
Financial Security
Jeannine Coons (518) 402-8056 (518) 402-8060
Regulatory Fees Simone Rodriguez (518) 402-8493 (518) 402-8060
Central Office Christopher McKelvey (518) 402-8056 (518) 402-8060

Oil, Gas, Solution Salt Mining & Other Regulated Well Types

The Division of Mineral Resources employs Oil and Gas staff in the Central Office in Albany, the Region 8 office in Avon, and the Region 9 sub-office in Allegany. The staff in these three offices are responsible for implementing the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Regulatory Program in all 9 DEC regions for all regulated well types, as indicated in the table below. Well permitting and related activities are under the supervision of a Region Minerals Manager (listed below) based on the DEC region where the well is proposed/located. Well permit application and plugging notices, and any operational issues related to an existing regulated well should be directed to the appropriate Regional Minerals Manager. Permitting of underground gas storage facilities (natural and liquefied petroleum) statewide is under the supervision of the Technology and Facilities Section Chief in the Central Office, with the permitting of individual storage wells under the Regional Mineral Manager by well location. Compliance and enforcement-related matters statewide are under the supervision of the Compliance and Enforcement Section Chief in the Central Office, while some regional compliance and enforcement matters are handled directly by the Regional Minerals Managers. Financial security for all regulated well types statewide is managed by staff in the Central Office.

Selected Oil and Gas Contacts
Region Office Responsible Staff Telephone Fax
Regions 1 - 5 Central Office, Albany Carrie Friello,
Regional Minerals Manager
(518) 402-8056 (518) 402-8060
Regions 6 - 8 Region 8, Avon Linda Collart,
Regional Minerals Manager
(585) 226-5376 (585) 226-9034
Region 9 Region 9, Allegany Christopher Miller,
Regional Minerals Manager
(716) 372-0645 (716) 372-2113
Statewide -
Underground Gas
Storage Permitting
Central Office, Albany Amanda Trotter,
Section Chief
(518) 402-8056 (518) 402-8060
Statewide -
& Enforcement
Central Office, Albany Ted Loukides,
Section Chief
(518) 402-8056 (518) 402-8060
Statewide -
Financial Security
Central Office, Albany Tammy Andrews,
Agency Program Aide
(518) 402-8056 (518) 402-8060