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SDVOB Goals & Reporting Responsibilities

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB) Program Goals and Reporting Responsibilities

In recognition of those who have served in the United States Armed Forces and sustained injuries associated with this service; and to assist them in achieving the American dream that they have selflessly volunteered to protect; New York State Passed Executive Law Article 17-B in 2014. This law is aimed at greater inclusion of service-disabled veterans within New York State's economy. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (the Department) recognizes and welcomes this initiative by committing to meet the goals established within Article 17-B. These goals reflect the Department's objective to foster greater participation by Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (SDVOBs) in the Department's procurement activities.

Under this law, New York State agencies are required to make good faith efforts to meet a utilization goal for SDVOB procurement. The Law established a goal of 6% of procurement expenditures to be made with SDVOBs by state agencies, public authorities, and public benefit corporations. This goal is in addition to any established M/WBE goals under a procurement.

The Department is committed to meeting these goal requirements and incorporating the use of SDVOBs within its various procurement activities. The Department's Bureau of Contract and Grant Development (Bureau) within the Division of Management and Budget Services assists Department staff with the identification of SDVOBs that may be interested in submitting a bid, proposal, or quote for a Department procurement. These identified SDVOBs are added to prospective bidders lists and receive notice of these opportunities.

Doing Business with the DEC as a SDVOB

In order to conduct business with the Department as a SDVOB, the vendor must be listed on the NYS Certified SDVOB Directory. If your business is not certified and you believe that you qualify for certification, or to find out if you qualify for certification, please contact the New York State Office of General Services, Division of Service-Disabled Veterans' Business Development (DSDVBD) by telephone or email at:

Or, for additional information regarding the process, please refer to the DSDVBD website (link leaves DEC website).

The Department advertises its procurement opportunities, for all purchases exceeding $50,000, in the New York State Contract Reporter (NYSCR) (link leaves DEC website), New York State's official publication of procurement activity for all state agencies, public authorities and public benefit corporations. The NYSCR is published online daily and can be viewed by registered users free of charge. Although state agencies must advertise in the NYSCR, it is also important to be aware of opportunities for discretionary purchasing valued under $50,000 that may not be advertised in the NYSCR. If you are interested in receiving notice of upcoming Department contracting or purchasing opportunities and being added to potential bidders lists, please complete a Bidders List form (PDF) (243 KB) and email this to the Department at the following mailbox

Bureau staff review procurement documents prior to release in an effort to identify opportunities for certified businesses including SDVOBs. If certified businesses exist for the proposed procurement, Bureau staff advise the associated program staff to target the procurement to this area of the business community or include the relevant certified businesses on prospective bidders lists as appropriate.
If a competitive field of SDVOBs does not exist, program staff are required to submit sufficient documentation that they conducted research to identify available SDVOBs.

SDVOB Reporting Requirements

The Department currently utilizes discretionary spending and set-asides as its methods for utilizing SDVOBs. The Department does not currently require vendors to sub-contract a portion of the work to SDVOBs. Therefore, the Department does not require prime contractors apply for waivers or to report their use of SDVOBs. If, however, you are awarded a contract and subcontract a portion of the work to a certified SDVOB, we encourage you to submit a report.

In order to maintain oversight and collect data to inform decisions, the DSDVBD requires agencies to submit quarterly reports of SDVOB utilization. The reports provide the following information; awards made that quarter, disbursements/utilization that quarter, and any waivers given that quarter. Such reporting ensures that the program stays on track and SDVOBs are given the opportunities they deserve.

If you have any questions regarding the SDVOB Goals and Reporting Responsibilities, please contact the Bureau of Contract and Grant Development, SDVOB staff by email.

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