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Permits, Licenses, and Registrations

To find popular permits, licenses, registrations or certifications, use the links below. See the full listing for each category by clicking on the "More about ..." link.

Sporting Licenses & Use of State Land

More about sporting licenses and use of state land

Fish, Wildlife, & Plants

More about fish, wildlife, and plants

Commercial Fishing & Aquaculture

More about commercial fishing and aquaculture

Wastewater, Stormwater, & Water Withdrawal

More about wastewater, stormwater, and water withdrawal

Waterways, Coastlines, & Wetlands

More about waterways, coastlines, and wetlands

Drilling & Mining of Mineral Resources

More about drilling and mining

Chemicals, Petroleum, & Pesticides

More about chemicals, petroleum, and pesticides


More about air

Waste Management, Composting, Recycling

More about waste management, composting, and recycling

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Use the search link in the upper right-hand corner of this page to find a permit, form or application. Be specific for best search results, examples: "build a pond," "renew pesticide certification," "dry cleaner permit."

New businesses may need several permits from DEC and other state agencies. Use the Custom Business Checklist (leaves DEC website) to see which permits may be required.

Getting an Environmental Permit

For permits that help protect air, water, mineral, and biological resources, learn the steps of the application process and the Uniform Procedures Act that governs the process.

Emergency Permits and Storm Recovery

If you have a situation that threatens life, health, property, or natural resources, see Emergency Authorizations. For repairs and reconstruction due to damage from a significant regional storm event, see storm recovery permits.

General Permitting

General permits are issued for activities that have been determined to have limited impact on the environment. They allow similar types of work not unique to a particular location. In addition, some general permits address work necessary after natural disasters or extraordinary weather. If your activity qualifies for a General Permit, the process is streamlined.

Get help with the permitting process

Check the status of a permit

You can look up the status of certain permits that protect air, water, mineral, and biological resources by using the DEC Permits Applications (DART) search.

Resources to help with Permitting Requirements

Environmental Resource Mapper (ERM) - Can be used to create and print maps that can be submitted as part of the permit application process.

Environmental Assessment Form Mapper (EAF Mapper) - use this tool to help with location-based information needed in Part 1 of the Environmental Assessment Form.

DEC Permit Applications (DART) Search - the search wizard gives you detailed information on environmental permits processed by DEC under UPA. Including the status of applications issued.