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Energy and Climate

The Energy / Climate Change Connection

Four white wind turbines in a semi-forested landscape
Foresighted state policies have made
New York fifth in the nation for climate-
friendly renewable electricity.

This section explores energy, climate and the connections between them. The focus is on the policies, programs and plans DEC and New York State have made to reduce emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases and to help New Yorkers adapt as the climate changes.

Information on New York's energy resources, including oil, natural gas and renewable sources can also be accessed from the links on this page.

Energy Production in NY

How New York's current energy needs are met

Energy Policy & Planning

Aerial shot of a building with a green roof in an urban setting
The cheapest and cleanest energy is
the energy saved by efficient buildings,
equipment and vehicles.

Policies and plans promoting conservation, energy efficiency, increased use of renewable energy and greener transportation initiatives to help New York combat climate change and achieve our energy goals.

Energy and Climate Programs

Existing programs that are moving New York towards a sustainable future.

Climate Change

An orange truck parked on a bridge over a flooded river bank
New Yorkers face health risks and
mounting costs as our climate changes.

What climate change scientists are telling us and how we can respond as individuals and at the community and regional level.

  • Climate change science and the impacts of climate change in New York
  • Climate Smart Communities: Join other communities and take action to combat climate change at the local level.
  • Sea level rise: Projections and how sea level rise will affect New York
  • Climate change resources for students, teachers and everyone

More about Energy and Climate:

  • Oil and Gas - Facts about oil, gas and solution salt wells in New York State, environmental regulations concerning oil and gas well drilling and information for landowners on leasing well rights.
  • Climate Change - How climate change is affecting New York, what state government is doing, and how New Yorkers can work with their communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.
  • Offshore Wind Development - Offshore wind will play a key role in meeting New York State's energy goals for renewable power generation.