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Part 40, Section 40.1 - Marine Fish - Open Seasons, Size and Catch Limits Express Terms (Atlantic Menhaden) Adopted October 16, 2013

Express Terms

Existing section 6 NYCRR 40.1is amended to read as follows:

Existing subdivision 6 NYCRR 40.1 (f) is amended to read as follows:

Species Striped bass through Oyster toadfish remain the same. Species Atlantic menhaden is added to read as follows:

40.1 (f) Table A - Recreational Fishing.

Species Open Season Minimum Length Possession Limit
Atlantic menhaden All year No minimum size 100

New subdivision 40.1(x) is adopted to read as follows:

(x)'Atlantic menhaden commercial fishing - special regulations.'

(1) Permits. It is unlawful for any person to take or land menhaden for commercial purposes without having in possession a valid commercial food fishing license, commercial food fish landing license, a menhaden vessel license, or marine bait permit issued by the State of New York. For purposes of this subdivision, a person is presumed to be taking menhaden for commercial purposes when that person possesses more than 100 menhaden, or more than the possession limit for menhaden listed in Table A of this section, whichever is less. A person who holds a lobster bait gill net permit may take or land more than 100 menhaden; menhaden taken using this permit are for the sole use of the permittee to pursue the permittee's lobster fishery and may not be sold. A person who holds a lobster bait gill net permit must abide by the special regulations of this subdivision.

(2) Quota harvest and trip limits.

(i) The total annual harvest of menhaden may not exceed that amount annually allocated to New York State by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) for the period January 1 through December 31. Annual harvest limits for menhaden are based on the Fishery Management Plan (FMP) for menhaden as adopted and approved by the ASMFC pursuant to the Atlantic Coastal Fisheries Cooperative Management Act, 16 U.S.C., section 5101, 'et. seq.'

(ii) Following consultation with industry, the department may establish quota periods, trip limits and directed fishery thresholds such that the harvest does not exceed the quota assigned to New York.

(iii) When the department determines, based on a projection of landings using daily fishing vessel trip reports, that trip limits are necessary as provided in Table B of subdivision (i), such trip limits will be required and enforceable upon 72 hours written notice to license holders referenced in paragraph (1) of the appropriate limit allowed per vessel for that time period. Such trip limits may be further reduced by written direction of the department if the projection of the landings indicates a closure will be required before the end of the period. In any time period, the trip limits may be increased if the projection of the landings indicates the total quota will not be caught.

(3) Fishery closures.

(i) If the department determines that the maximum allowable harvest of menhaden will take place before the end of any period, the directed harvesting of menhaden for commercial purposes will be prohibited, except that the department may allow a bycatch of menhaden in non-directed fisheries, not to exceed 6,000 pounds daily per vessel trip. Directed harvest may be prohibited for all license holders, or for users of specific gear types as directed by the department upon 72 hours written notice to all license holders referenced in paragraph (1). If the department closes the period, but unanticipated events result in the quota not being landed by the projected date, then the department may reopen the period for a specified time and a specified trip limit upon 72 hours written notice to all license holders referenced in paragraph (1).

(4) Possession, transport and sale.

(i) During periods of trip limits, all menhaden must be held together in a separate container or containers readily available for inspection and may not be mixed with other species while on board any vessel.

(ii) During closed periods, no possession of menhaden shall be permitted on the waters of the marine and coastal district except as bycatch aboard vessels participating in other fisheries.

(5) Reporting requirements.

Any person who is the holder of a marine commercial food fishing license, commercial food fish landing license, a menhaden vessel license, marine bait permit, or lobster bait gill net permit issued by the State of New York shall report all harvest of menhaden in accordance with the requirements established in subdivision (c) (1) of this section.

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