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Express Terms 6 NYCRR Part 200, General Provisions, as related to Adopted Subpart 225-1

Express Terms 6 NYCRR Part 200, General Provisions

A new Subdivision 200.1(cw) is added as follows:

(cw) Waste Oil. Used and/or reprocessed engine lubricating oil and/or any other used oil, including but not limited to, fuel oil, engine oil, gear oil, cutting oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, dielectric fluid, oil storage tank residue, animal oil, and vegetable oil, which has not subsequently been re-refined.

(Existing sections 200.2 through 200.8 remain unchanged.)

Existing section 200.9, Table 1 is amended as follows:

Regulation Referenced Material Availability
225-1.5(b) 40 CFR Part 60, Appendix B, July 1, 2006, Performance Specification 2, pages 639-646 *
225-1.5(b)(3) 40 CFR Part 75, July 1, 2008 *
[225-1.7(b)] [40 CFR Part 60, Appendix B(July 1989) Performance Specification 2, pages 981-988] [*]

(Existing section 200.10 through section 200.16 remains unchanged.)

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