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Job Impact Statement 6 NYCRR Subpart 225-1 and Part 200

Nature of Impact

The changes to Subpart 225-1 entail the lowering of the sulfur-in-fuel limits for all distillate and residual oils sold, purchased, and/or used in portable (not including non-road engines) or stationary sources in New York State which will reduce emissions of air pollution. These revisions will also include the lowering of the sulfur-in-fuel limit for waste oil, the removal of "out-of-date" sulfur-in-fuel tables, expired source specific variances, coal and coke variance for emission sources that fire coal and coke greater than one million Btu per hour in New York City, Nassau, Rockland, and Westchester Counties (based on the Department's permitting database there are no emission sources in these areas that are subject to this provision - therefore, this specific variance is no longer necessary), and the correction of typographical areas. These proposed changes to Subpart 225-1 are not anticipated to have an adverse impact on employment opportunities in the State.

Categories and Numbers of Jobs or Employment Opportunities Affected

The promulgation of Subpart 225-1 is not anticipated to have any long-term effects on the number of current jobs or future employment opportunities throughout New York State.

The reductions in visibility-impairing pollutants resulting from the implementation of Subpart 225-1 could result in a positive impact on the tourism industry, particularly for the Adirondack and Catskill Parks. Aside from the mitigation of haze in these areas and across New York State, improvements in acid deposition will be seen, keeping trees and waterways in good condition, thus allowing state parks to remain healthy and attractive places to visit. Increased tourism could create additional job opportunities throughout the State.

Regions of Adverse Impact

The proposed Subpart 225-1 is a statewide regulation. This regulation is not expected to have an adverse impact on jobs or employment opportunities in New York State. It does not impact any region or area of the state disproportionately in terms of jobs or employment opportunities.

Minimizing Adverse Impact

The Department does not expect any adverse impacts on jobs in New York State based on the proposed changes to Subpart 225-1. Subpart 225-1 is a statewide regulation. Its requirements are the same for all facilities, and will not impact job opportunities in the State.

Self-Employment Opportunities

There are no anticipated adverse impacts towards self-employment opportunities associated with the proposed Subpart 225-1 regulation.

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